How to get a loan without having to change banks

One of the main conditions that must be met when hiring a loan in a bank It is to have an account open in the entity and, generally, to be at least several months old. But, according to the analysts of the financial comparator, every day there are more credit institutions in which it is possible get a loan without having to change banks, that is, without having to open a new checking account.

When we request a loan, we must have a bank account that will be used to pay the monthly installments. Some loans do not require the applicant to have an account with the same entity that grants the credit. They work in the same way as a traditional loan, only that it is possible to direct the payment of the monthly installments into an account that is already open in another bank.

Operation of credits without an account

For this, during the loan application process, it is necessary add account details. In this way, we can maintain our usual checking account and, in turn, obtain financing in another entity that offers better conditions.

Some banks require the client to spend a minimum of time in the entity to get a loan; however, these entities, when granting loans to consumers who are not clients, do not require any type of seniority. In addition, by not having to open a new account, avoid having to pay commissions for it, since the installments can be domiciled in any account without expenses.

To get a loan without changing bank it is necessary compare the different offers and meet the requirements of the entity. In general, it will be necessary to have sufficient income to pay the loan, a stable employment situation and not be over debt.

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The best banks

According to HelpMyCash expertsCurrently there are several financial entities from which you can request a loan without having to change banks. In many cases, they do not require hiring any product associated with credit such as insurance.

For example, him Cofidis Project Credit It can be contracted without changing the entity, without linking and has no opening commission. Lets get up to 15,000 euros that can be returned within a period of up to eight years with an interest rate from 6.12% APR (from 5.07% APR if the purpose is to pay for studies).

How to apply for the credit

Each financial institution establishes its own procedures for granting a loan and most applications can be made entirely online. Some entities will ask us send online the necessary documentation to verify our identity and to assess our profile before granting the loan.

Generally, it will be necessary to send the DNI or NIE, the last payroll, an account statement, etc., although the documentation will depend on each entity. Some entities may request a connection to the user’s online banking using their access codes, which speeds up the process.

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