How to fight insomnia without medicines

Statistics tell us that around twelve million people suffer from insomnia. A truly significant percentage. As always, in these cases, it is necessary to consult the family doctor to make sure that the problem is not due to particular diseases

If necessary, prescribed medications should be taken. But we can also ask ourselves how to fight insomnia without medicines. Especially if it is due only to a more tiring period than others.

Simple relaxation techniques

The first thing to try are simple relaxation techniques before going to sleep. Once they have learned, they can be useful to us whenever we feel that we are overwhelmed by anxiety.

Panic attacks, which are becoming more and more common in today’s world, can also be tackled by resorting to relaxation techniques.

To do this we simply have to lie on our stomach and breathe deeply. Then we have to start imagining that all of our muscles suddenly get heavy. Let’s imagine all our muscles, starting from the feet up to the neck and head. More and more heavy and abandoned.

There are now also many apps that help to perform relaxation techniques at home.

How to fight insomnia without medicines

Autogenic training is more effective and more technical. If practiced well, it leads to a kind of self-hypnosis that generates total body relaxation. Those who are more experienced in this technique also feel a rise in temperature in the various parts of the body they are focusing on while relaxing.

It is as if the tension melts and causes heat. The exercise is done by controlling the rhythm of breathing. The goal is to move from the sensation of body heat to that of a relaxed and fresh mind.

You can also look for something more professional, such as a yoga class with an experienced teacher. With yoga you don’t just learn general breathing and relaxation techniques. You will also acquire a great elasticity of the joints thanks to the positions that this discipline imposes. Balance will also be improved and, with it, muscle tone.

Let us remember, once again, that it is not a question of medical practices, but only of sports or mental disciplines. They can be applied only after the doctor specialist excluded specific pathologies.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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