How to export WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world, has many useful features. Some of them are not used much, and it’s a real shame. Exporting a WhatsApp chat allows you to save all the information and free up space on your mobile phone. This is the way you can export a WhatsApp chat. Once you do, you will surely get into the habit of safely saving all the chats that are important to you.

So you can export a WhatsApp chat

in this walkthrough let’s explain it with an iPhone, although the way to export a WhatsApp chat on Android is very similar. Remember that exporting a chat is taking it off your phone and leaving it somewhere else, be it a computer or a cloud service. Later we will give the details of how to export a WhatsApp chat on Android.

First of all, you must open your WhatsApp chats and choose the one you want to export. Once this is done, you must slide your finger through the chat to be exported, doing it from right to left. You will see the “More” option appear

If you click on it, you will see that “Export chat” appears in third place.

Once you press it, the option to export the chat with or without files. In the first case, all the photos and videos contained in the chat will appear, while in the second only the text. If you choose the first option, the file size will be larger.

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Now it only remains choose the destination of the chat to export. The easiest thing is to save it in a cloud service, although you can send it to yourself by email.

And on Android?

The process is exactly the same, there is only one change at the beginning. You must enter the chat you want to export and go to the top right, where you will see 3 dots. If you click on them, one of the options is to export chat, and from there, the process is exactly the same as an iPhone.

It’s that simple to export a chat from WhatsApp. It not only allows you save space on your device, but you’ll have a much cleaner interface and you’ll be sure that you’re going to lose it because, for whatever reason, it’s important to you. Keeping our most special memories or conversations safe is something that allows export a WhatsApp chat. Do you dare to try it? Also to review our article on how to make a backup on WhatsApp.

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