How to download videos from Instagram? Easy Guide 2022

Easy and from your cell phone, download Instagram videos.


Sometimes, users need to save videos from their favorite social networks for professional, work or personal reasons and it is common to resort to ineffective solutions to achieve this.

A social network like Facebook allows a greater approach to this type of user needs, since its platform is better known and more accessible to find how to download the videos or images that are required.

In the case of Instagram, the story is different, since many users do not know how to save videos from stories or from the feed, within the internal storage of the cell phone.

Therefore, without the need for applications, external pages that may have viruses or other resources that are too complex, here we teach you how you can download Instagram videos in this 2022, easy and fast.

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How to download the videos from your phone?

For January 2022, the We Are Social portal and Hootsuite published a detailed report with the number of users that report each of the social networks they use in the world. The result showed that Instagram, which was positioned in third place, had a total of 1,478 million users registered in the appa considerable amount and that, like networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube, make it one of the most important.

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In this way, and as it is one of the networks with the largest number of registered users, knowing how the videos, stories or photos are downloaded becomes so relevant.

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Next we will leave you the step by step of this process, which will facilitate the how to download videos from instagram

Paso 1:

Choose the type of file you want to save or download to your cell phone, it can be a reel, a story or a photo from the feed.

Paso 2:

In the multimedia file that you have chosen, press the three points that always appear in the upper right, there, click on copy link (or link).

Paso 3:

Whether it’s from an Android or iOS cell phone, the process is the same. Entering the following link is the third step:

Paso 4:

Being inside the page that we mentioned, choose the type of file that you copied previously, for example, if I copy a link to a photo from the feed, click on “photo” and then click on “view”

Paso 5:

Finally, after the website uploads your photo, video or story, click on “download” and verify that the photo is in your gallery.

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