How to Download and Convert to MP3?

YouTube is a video platform that delivers tons of hit songs, great singles playlists, music videos, movie clips, educational videos, tutorials, entertaining videos and more every day.

YouTube has changed over the years and has become the No. 1 in hosting video on social networks for all kinds of content!

YouTube may be the top choice for searching for your favorite music playlist. It is also one of the most important sources of entertainment for many internet users.

Downloads on YouTube!

As we all know, YouTube doesn’t make it easy to get music videos or other videos on its platform Download YouTube playlists to MP3If you want Download YouTube playlist When you are done, you must use YouTube MP3 Playlist Converter!

Many YouTube converters you see online cannot confirm the download at the same time and in MP3 format. Usually you can only download the first video in the playlist.

If you can still extract one, it could be incorrect for several reasons. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a Converter software for YouTube MP3 playlists Reliable and works even when YouTube is having trouble connecting.

We will give you the best MP3 playlist converters Gradually it will show you how to download it to MP3.

5KPlayer: Free YouTube playlist converter for MP3 format

5K player One of the best transformers to date Download YouTube playlist to MP3. It allows you to download an HD or 4K UHD video playlist and then convert it to MP3 format without spending a dime as the software is completely free.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Free download in mp3 or mp4 format From YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other video hosting sites (over 300 sites listed).
  • Powerful enough to download much or all of the music in MP3 format from the channel in YouTube playlist or block mode.
  • If necessary, download a YouTube playlist in MP3, MP4 and HD / 4K format. Download and convert YouTube playlists to MP4 and MP3 music. To convert to other formats, you can WinX Video Converter. Linux Video Converter
  • Support for breakpoint recovery.
  • Download subtitles with video.
  • Media player features, 100% free and safe streaming device.

How to Download YouTube Playlist in MP3 Format?

Before getting your first playlist and converting it to MP3 format, go to the converter’s official website and download it to your computer (support Windows 10) or Mac (support macOS Pixar).

Step 1. Download the video from its URL

explore The playlist you want to upload to YouTube, Click the YouTube icon in the main interface and copy / paste the playlist URL into the text field.

Step 2. Select the output format and quality

With 5KPlayer you can choose from different formats It includes MP4, M4A, FLV, 3GP and WebM. You can select M4A audio, convert YouTube playlist and download to music files directly. Or you can download the video from YouTube playlist first and then convert it to MP3 with original audio quality.

Step 3. Download YouTube playlist as MP3 files

If necessary, change the destination folder to save your music or release playlist videos in the settings. Click on “Download” to start the download.

How to Convert YouTube Playlist to MP3 Files?

Plus download YouTube playlists for MP4 video and M4A music 5KPlayer is a free video to MP3 music format conversion software.All downloaded videos can be converted regardless of their native format (MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV or MOV).

Moreover, you can convert all videos from YouTube playlists to MP3 format individually. You can only choose your favorite videos and / or songs.

MP3 converter, YouTube converter

MP3 converter, YouTube converterMP3 converter, YouTube converter

Step 1Go to the YouTube playlist and on the left side of the 5KPlayer library interface where the videos and / or music you download are located.

Step 2Select the video you want to convert and click “Convert”.

Step 3Choose MP3 or AAC as the output format and the conversion will start immediately.

5KPlayer is a completely free converter Download and convert your YouTube playlists, but it can only convert videos to MP3 or AAC format. For more advanced features, we recommend using the extension WinX Video Converter. Linux Video Converter

WinX Video Converter plus 5KPlayer

WinX Video Converter allows you to convert videos One of these different formats is YouTube: FLAC, MP4, MKV, MOV, etc… and you can also edit MP3 music files with it.

MP3 converter, YouTube converter

MP3 converter, YouTube converterMP3 converter, YouTube converter

If you still want to download the YouTube playlist in MP3 format, with specific bit rate settings, please go to the Audio options section. Here you can set the audio codec, channels, sample rate and bit rate.

The sampling frequency and bit rate have a direct influence on the audio quality. If the sample rate is higher, the output MP3 playlist will be closer to the original playlist. At the same time, keep in mind that this will take up more space on your storage media.

In addition, WinX Video Converter can convert, edit and download videos or music from sites other than YouTube. It has the ability to create things like photo slideshows. It is an alternative tool that can be used to support hardware acceleration on Windows or Mac. It perfectly complements the 5KPlayer Converter.

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