How to Distinguish Symptoms of Flu and Covid-19? What Steps Can Be Taken? – When someone has the flu, of course, it creates a sense of worry, are these symptoms the common cold or are you having Covid-19?

Flu symptoms and Covid-19 symptoms are similar, and it is difficult to tell the difference because most people will not be able to tell what disease they have, especially since these two diseases can be accompanied by fever, cough, chills and shortness of breath.

However, in general we can distinguish from the following symptoms:

1. Missing sense of taste and smell

One common symptom for people with Covid-19 is difficulty tasting and smells. But not everyone with COVID-19 experiences these symptoms, and experts warn that someone with allergies or a cold may also have difficulty kissing because of their stuffy nose.

If no taste or smell is lost, most patients need a nasal swab to get a proper diagnosis.

“A lot of doctors will have patients who may have one of them, and there will be no way to tell them apart, other than laboratory tests,” said Gary Simon, director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at George Washington University, USA.

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2. Potential timing of infection

Influenza viruses tend to be infected more quickly than covid-19. Flu patients usually develop symptoms within one to four days of exposure, whereas COVID-19 people can catch it within up to 14 days.

Once a person is infected, the flu is contagious in less time than scientists believe about Covid-19. A flu patient can usually pass on the virus a few days before symptoms develop until about 24 hours after the symptoms disappear.

Meanwhile, someone with Covid-19 can be contagious before they show symptoms and can be contagious for up to 10 days afterward.

Still come to the doctor

If you experience flu or Covid-19 symptoms, you should contact your doctor to find out if the patient should undergo a test. Aaron Milstone, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA recommends that patients with either flu or Covid-19 symptoms that are worrisome keep in contact with their doctors.

He stressed that anyone with symptoms, however mild, should undergo a coronavirus test so that health officials can track its spread.


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