How to diet that you skip dinner and for how long

How to make the diet that skips dinner and for how long? This is the so-called dinner cancellation. That is a diet that involves skipping dinner. So let’s see how to make the diet that skips dinner by setting two cornerstones. The first is that the diet must always be prescribed by a nutritionist. The second is that for which diets with daily fasting phases are not exactly the best. They are in fact not very suitable for losing weight and above all for maintaining the lost pounds.

How to make a diet that skips dinner, here is dinner canceling

Dinner cancellations include food for several hours. And precisely from 17 and until the morning. That is at the time of the first Breakfast. In all these hours without eating, however, it is recommended to drink plenty.

On how to make the diet skip dinner and how long dinner canceling is based on one concept. A concept that is very clear. That of calorie restriction. Furthermore, just before 5 pm, the dinner canceling diet includes an energetic snack. And this in order to better resist the many hours provided by staying away from food.

The temporary caloric restriction from the afternoon and until the morning

From breakfast to 5 pm, on the other hand, what does the skip dinner diet entail? That you can eat in a balanced way. By associating physical activity, in fact, from breakfast to 5 pm the green light is given. The nutrient one. And in particular to all those that are necessary for our body.

According to the canons of dinner canceling, however, the diet should not be done every day. But 2-3 times a week. Or even once a week for the body to benefit from the effect of the temporary caloric restriction. Promoters of diets such as dinner canceling believe this diet is not only effective for lose weight. But also to fight aging in the long term.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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