How to determine the timing belt whistle in LADA Vesta

“Vestavody” share a life hack that will allow you not to go once again to the service.

LADA Vesta is a fateful car for AvtoVAZ that has built its reputation over the past four years. The Vesta model has received many admirers who consider it a great step forward by the Togliatti people, although they attribute part of their merits to the French. However, the machine is far from hassle-free, with which all the “vestavods” without exception will agree.

Since 2015, when LADA Vesta went to the market, the “Westavods” have been struggling with its creaks, “wretched” wiper blades, scratched door windows, broken door ends, a sagging muffler and much more. Such problems in Vest can be considered guaranteed, especially if we are talking about earlier versions, because in 2019 machines some of the jambs were fixed.

However, LADA Vesta has less predictable, but also unpleasant “surprises”. So, motorists complain about the appearance of a whistle under the hood of the car. Moreover, not the fact of the whistle itself is more depressing, but the difficulty of determining its cause, because the timing belt is not always the problem.

The fact is that annoying whistles under the hood of LADA Vesta can also publish timing videos. To understand what exactly is whistling, motorists have to “open” the gas distribution mechanism on their own, or contact the dealer or third-party service stations.

How to determine the timing belt whistle in LADA Vesta, so as not to waste time and money on “officials” and craftsmen? Experienced “vestavods” answer this question on the forums. They recommend not to rush to the service, and initially, with the engine turned on, spray the timing belt with silicone grease from an aerosol can. If the matter is in the belt, then the whistle will stop. If the problem remains, then there is already a point in more complex activities.

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