How to delete a frequent contact in WhatsApp

At Tech Bit we always bring you the best tricks so that you can take full advantage of applications such as WhatsApp. We’ve shown you features to improve your privacy and set up your profile, including knowing if someone opened your account from another device, but now we’ll tell you how to remove someone from your “frequent contacts”, do not worry, the steps are very simple and fast.

WhatsApp It is one of the most used messaging applications that continues to grow in number of users. In fact, it is currently considered a leading tool in the communication. However, it contains many tricks and functions that not everyone knows fully and that will surely make life easier for us.

For example, if you need to clean your cell phone and get rid of any of your frequent contacts, This is the information you needed.

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Surely you already noticed that the contacts in the application They are in chronological order according to the messages you exchange with them. Thus, the people with whom you maintain the most communication are your calls “frequent contacts”.

This process is done automatically, but if you want any of your contacts appears at the top, it is best to make a couple of calls and in a short time you will see how it comes to occupy the first place.

But if you want the opposite, we are going to tell you how to eliminate a frequent contact.

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How to remove a person from frequent contacts in WhatsApp?

Now that we understand that it is a “frequent contact” in the applicationwe will show you how get rid of of any of them.

If you have the contact as featured, follow these steps:

1- Enter WhatsApp.
2- Go to the main menu or select the three points located at the top right of the screen.
3- Choose the option “featured posts”.
4- A window will open where you can see all the messages to which you put a star.
5- Select the message you no longer want to see.
6- Some icons will appear at the top, one of them is a star with a stripe, if you select it the message will no longer be outstanding. You can also select the icon in the form of a trash can, with this the message will be remove of this section and voila, everything was solved.

In case the contact to eliminate either by the frequency in which messages are sent, it is enough to follow the following steps:
1- Enter WhatsApp.
2- Go to the chat contact that you no longer want to have as frequent.
3- Open the menu by clicking on the three points located at the top of the right side of the screen.
4- A tab will be displayed, in it you must select the more option.
5- Another menu will open where you must click on “Empty the chat
6- An alert will appear asking for your approval to delete the messages, select again “empty chat”.
7- Then the content will have been deleted.

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After performing these steps you will see that the person is no longer in the list of “frequent contacts”, and in case a message is sent, it will only appear in the chronology list.

It’s that simple you can remove or place people on your list of “frequent contacts”, in this way you can clean and organize your WhatsApp in a quick and easy way.

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