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The autonomy of our smartphones It is one of the great workhorses that we face on a daily basis. As long as our activity is kept within reasonable limits, everything is perfect, but the day we have a little more bustle, things go wrong with the battery and the problems begin to get home safely.

So in the case that you have an iPhone 13, but especially an iPhone 12, We are going to tell you how to scratch a few minutes at that autonomy of the smartphone. Total, if there are many areas where you go by bus back home where there is no 5G connection, so why are we going to have it active with the expense of having to change from one band to another every few meters?

Slower but surely

If we opted to change the mobile connection from 5G to 4G it is because Apple, at least in the case of the iPhone 12, proved to have trouble keeping our phones on for the whole day. With this year’s generation that error was corrected, but it was too late for those who bought the 2020 devices. So let’s see how to change the mobile standard when we walk on the street.

Disconnect 5G from your iPhone.

The first thing is to go to the “Settings” of the iPhone and look for one of the first options that it offers us, within the block of wireless connections. We touch on “Mobile data” to access another screen where we must go to find the “Options” section. Surely on the right you will see, in a more attenuated color tone, the message “Roaming deactivated”.

Within these “Options” you will see, finally, the function of “Voice and data” which is where the band selector is hidden to which the phone is to be connected. Once inside, it will offer you the option that you already have chosen of “automatic 5G”, but you will have two more, which are “5G activated” and “4G”. Obviously we are left with the latter to return to a configuration that was the usual in the iPhone 11 and earlier.

Now your phone will have a brief respite that will allow it to better manage the little battery it has left, without spending too much. Yes indeed, When you return home and connect it to the charger, remember to activate the 5G connectivity again so that the next day, with the batteries charged, you can take advantage of its higher connection speed.



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