How to create the feeling of hunger in the body

Hunger, big problem! It’s like we don’t want to feel it at all! Probably because of the collective memories during communism when food was rationalized and for most people the diversity of food was not great. We eat in advance, we eat on a stress basis, we eat when we are happy to celebrate, we eat in anger… Well, food, although it is an occasion for joy for many, is a sedative. Emotional eating has increasingly come to the attention of psychologists and nutritionists.

In states of high fatigue or when we are overwhelmed by difficult-to-understand emotions, we tend to consume high-calorie carbohydrates, which of course leads to weight gain. To understand how we can make friends with hunger, this feeling is an important indicator for a balanced diet, dr. Șerban Damian, sports nutritionist explains what is secreted in the body when it is time for the feeling of hunger to set in.

How to create the feeling of hunger in the body

“First we need to know how our body works and where hunger comes from. So our body has a hunger switch. All It starts by controlling our hunger hormones to lose weight fast. The first hormone is called ghrelin, otherwise known as the “I’m hungry” hormone. When the stomach is empty – or thinks it is – it secretes ghrelin. This causes hunger by sending signals to the brain, urging it on a mission of search and destruction that targets anything that means carbohydrates, “explains nutritionist Serban Damian.

What happens in the body when hunger subsides?

“Leptin is the second hormone. This is an appetite suppressant that signals to the brain when you are full and tell him not to eat anymore. But just as we can develop resistance to another diet-related hormone, insulin, so can leptin. The result: the hunger switch does not stop naturally and we continue to eat even if we are tired. This is where the natural remedies that reduce ghrelin come in. ” concluded Șerban Damian, nutritionist.

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