How to convert WhatsApp audio to text

You may not know that, but WhatsApp allows you to convert voice messages to text within the app itself, without the need to use a third-party app. There are many apps that allow you to convert audio from speech to text, but you will not have to install any to achieve this in the app itself, but with a bot you will achieve it easily.

If you are in a place where you can’t hear a voice message, you can easily convert it to text.

To turn voice messages to text in WhatsApp, here’s what you need to do. Follow each of the instructions we will give you so that you can reach your goal in minutes. Let’s begin!

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Currently, WhatsApp has a bot that will do the job for you. This is named after Alfred The Transcriber, an AI that has the ability to listen to the audio of messages and then send a text message with the information of said audio. A big plus is that using the bot is very simple, you just need to do the following.

– The first thing you need to do is add to the bot, to do so register this phone number: +14156809230. You can also enter this link to participate:

– When Alfred is part of your WhatsApp account, find the voice message you want to convert to text.

– Now transfer the voice memo to the bot.

– You will get the message “Alfred is typing …”. This means that he is working on the audio and you will have to wait a few seconds.

– Finally, the SMS will arrive with all the information contained in the voice note.

One thing not to overlook is that Alfred The Transcriber supports four languages. Spanish, English, French and German. It is therefore a very complete bot that will help you in this task without complications.

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