How to compensate for harm from a sedentary lifestyle: scientists answer

If you think that sedentary work at the computer only affects your vision and headaches, you are mistaken. A lack of physical activity has been shown to increase the risk of breast and bowel cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Fearfully? Don’t worry, there is a way to fix the situation.

Up to 40 minutes of “moderate to vigorous physical activity” each day can balance 10 hours of motionless sitting, says research… Scientists came to such conclusions after analyzing the results of nine previous studies, which involved a total of 44,370 people from four different countries. During all the works, the participants wore fitness trackers.

The authors also emphasize that these 30 to 40 minutes should be devoted to sufficiently intense activities, such as cycling, brisk walking or running. The results showed that people who consistently engage in vigorous exercise virtually eliminate the harm from their sedentary lifestyle.

More recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also published report on physical activity and sedentary lifestyle. The new paper recommends 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week to combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

However, the WHO, like the authors of the new work, notes that if you do not have the opportunity to devote so much time to sports every day, it is worth starting small: climb the stairs instead of the elevator, walk more often, dance or play with children or a dog.

Many experts note the importance and timeliness of both recommendations, since now, in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic, many people have greatly reduced their activity, which can certainly affect their health and emotional background.

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