How to Close the Correct Hood of a Car: Slammed or Pressed?


There are two different ways that motorists often do when closing the hood. First, the hood is closed by slamming it from a high position to close itself. Then there are also those who close it by pressing it tightly. Which is the correct way to close the hood of the car?

Meanwhile, when referring to the manual, the correct way to close the hood of a car is to remove it from a high position until it closes on its own, not pressing it.

The following steps to close the hood are quoted from the Mitsubishi Xpander manual:

  1. Remove the support rod and insert it into the holder
  2. Gently lower the hood until it is about 20 cm above the closed position, then remove it and let it close on its own
  3. Make sure the hood is locked tightly by slightly lifting the center of the hood

The warning says if the hood is not closed, remove it from a higher position.

“Do not press the hood hard because it can damage the hood,” wrote the warning.

You also have to pay attention to the position of your hands and fingers so that they don’t get pinched when closing the hood. Even before driving, it is mandatory to ensure that the condition of the hood is locked and tight. The reason is, if not so, it is not impossible that the hood suddenly opens and this is certainly dangerous for the driver.

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How to Open a Car Hood

Meanwhile, for how to open the hood, it seems that all drivers do the same thing. The hood is opened by pulling the opening lever in the car. When it is open, the hood is raised while releasing the safety lock underneath.

Not to forget, the support rod was erected so that the engine hood could be opened without having to support your hands. But it should be noted, even though you have used the engine hood support it could open when exposed to strong winds.

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