How To Clean A Child’s Mouth When Their Teeth Are Not Yet Grown?

JAKARTA, REDAKSI24.COM-Avianti Hartadi, a pediatric dentist at Pondok Indah Hospital – Bintaro Jaya, said that even though their teeth have not yet grown, parents must be diligent in cleaning all areas of the child’s oral cavity. Then how do you do that?

“Use gauze soaked in plain water, squeezed it, then wrap it around (your) finger. Clean the tongue, gums and all areas of the oral cavity, ”he said in a webinar on dental health, Friday.

The WebMD page notes that cleaning the child’s mouth, including the gums, can prevent bacteria from sticking. Bacteria in the mouth, one of which is Streptococcus, can cause plaque to damage children’s teeth as they grow.

Then, when the child’s teeth have grown up to the age of three, you can help brush their teeth using a small, soft and soft toothbrush. Toothpaste containing fluoride the size of a grain of rice can be added because it is safe.

When the child is 3-6 years old, you can increase the size of the fluoridated toothpaste to the size of a pea. Make sure you accompany the child and help him brush his teeth properly that is to cover all parts of the teeth including the inside of the gums.

When the child is 6-10 years old, increase the size of the toothpaste to 1-2 cm and stay with the child while brushing.

“Fluoride can inhibit the process of cavities, strengthen teeth so that dental caries does not occur. If you are afraid of being swallowed? the dangerous dose is 5 mg times the child’s body weight. The size of a grain of rice, the size of a pea, is safe, ”said Avianti.

We recommend that you brush your child’s teeth at least twice a day, namely after breakfast and before bed with a maximum duration of two minutes. Avianti also recommends children brush their teeth after lunch to prevent cavities.

Besides brushing your teeth, don’t forget to clean between your teeth using dental floss or dental floss. Several dental conditions in children can lead to tucked away food that can lead to caries or cavities.

“Use dental floss once a day after brushing your teeth at night before going to bed,” said Avianti. (Lia / Ant / Hendra)

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