How to Check the Injection Motor Coil Easily, Beginners Must Know This!

How to check the injection motor coil is indeed important for you to know, even though these components are rarely damaged.

Because if the motor coil is destroyed, it will cause the vehicle engine performance to be disrupted.

In addition, the coil itself is an important element in the motor and is useful for supporting the ignition mechanism of the spark plug. So that the coil in the field of motorcycle ignition is also a very important thing.

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How to Check the Injection Motor Coil that You Must Understand

Returning to the previous discussion that the coil is a very vital tool for the motorcycle ignition system.

Ignition coil aka this coil has an important role to multiply the electrical voltage from the CDI to the spark plug to tens of thousands of volts.

Meanwhile, the function of the spark plug itself is as a process of blowing up the mixture of gasoline and air in the engine. So that this will be a common thread to underlie the understanding of how the motor coil works.

The components included in this ignition system will work to change the 12V voltage from the battery to be thousands of volts.

As for the size of the voltage is also different from each type of motor type.

Not only that, but the voltage to be generated by the coil also varies, from 5000 volts to 30,000 volts. But if the coil can’t work optimally, then you need to check first.

Removing the header and spark plug

How to check the injection motor coil for this first tip, what you have to do and do is to remove the hood and spark plug.

So that later you can see the two ends of the cable towards the secondary coil and the primary coil.

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Attaching the Coil Cable End to the Mass

Next, to check the condition of the two-wheeled vehicle coil, don’t forget to attach the end of the coil cable to the mass. The trick is to use a distance of about 1 cm only.

Well, mass itself is a metal object that is able to conduct electricity. But if it’s hard to get, then the bolts on your motorcycle can be an alternative as a mass to check.

Then you can immediately turn the ignition key to On and then turn on the vehicle starter. When gluing the ends of the coil wires to the mass. If the condition of the spark is red, then it is a sign that the motor coil has been destroyed.

How to check the injection motor coil and when the spark is still blue, it’s a sign that the coil is still in good condition. So it is still able to work in increasing the voltage to the spark plug.

However, you can also try another method by attaching the coil cable to the engine body. If there is a spark, do not immediately conclude the coil in good condition.

Because you have to check it again by installing the spark plug and if there is no spark, it means the motor coil is not strong enough. So things like this will not be able to play a role optimally.

If that’s the case, you should be able to ask a professional to check the condition of the motorcycle coil.

In a step like this, if you find the vehicle is starting to show signs of stopping and the cabbage is still spouting blue sparks.

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What are the Tools for Coil Checks?

Not only do you know how to check the injection motor coil, but it’s also important to know what tools to check the coil. Actually, to check the coil that is less strong, you can use two different ways.

For example, by calculating the peak coil voltage and also calculating the resistance in the secondary and primary coils. Meanwhile, the tools needed in the process of calculating resistance can use an avometer.

Meanwhile, if you want to calculate the peak coil voltage, you can use an avometer and also a peak voltage adapter.

But to be able to calculate the resistance of the coil must be in cold conditions with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

For information that if the coil has been damaged, it can disrupt the ignition performance and cause the motor to crash. However, to take into account the motor coil that has been destroyed, it can actually be detected earlier.

Moreover, by doing how to check the injection motor coil like that, maybe this will help you. But if you can’t then the best solution is to take it to a repair shop. (R10/HR-Online)

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