How to Check Laptops and PCs Before Downloading Windows 11, Easy to Use the Health Check Application

DIY NEWS – Know method check laptop or PC is it able to download Windows 11, easy just need to use application Health Check.

As known, Microsoft has officially released his latest product, namely Windows 11 some time ago and can be used for laptop and PC which has certain conditions.

Microsoft itself has officially released Windows 11 on October 5, 2021 ago. With this latest operating system, it is hoped that it will make it easier for users Microsoft in various laptop and PC.

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However, there are some requirements in order laptop or PC can do download or install Windows 11. It is adapted to the needs of the latest operating system owned Microsoft in order to work optimally.

But for users laptop and PC no need to worry or be confused, because to find out if the device can download Windows 11 can be done easily via application Helath Check.

By using application Health Check that, users laptop or PC can do check first to find out whether the device it has is capable or not.

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Before doing check, the device owner must first do download application Health Check which can be obtained easily on various official websites of the provider application the.

Here are method check before download Windows 11 which can be done through application Health Check:



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