How to check if I have paid my taxes?

Sometimes, especially with the passage of time, we tend to forget actions taken automatically and periodically. Think of those consisting in paying taxes or bills. Sometimes, we cannot even remember where we have kept our payment receipts and we become unsure of what we have paid. So, the question arises: “how to check if I have paid the taxes?”. The question can be resolved, as the Inland Revenue provides taxpayers with a useful tool to carry out the appropriate checks. In this “transparent” way, the Tax Authority, with a sort of memorandum, offers the taxpayer the possibility of controlling and therefore complying. What does this tool consist of? It is called an account statement, or role statement and can be found on the internet, on site of the Tax Collection Agency. Let’s see, at this point, how said tool is concretely available.

Consultation of the role extract

So, to the question “how to check if I have paid the taxes”, there is a prompt answer, that is, on the Agency’s website. Precisely, you have to go to the section «citizens – check your situation – bank statement». However, in order to access this section it is necessary to have, alternatively, one of these tools:

1) digital identity (called SPID);

2) your credentials for the Revenue Agency website, if the user is enabled for the Fisconline service;

3) their login credentials to the INPS site;

4) the smart card. At this point, logged in, in the lower part, there are two icons: “to be paid”, where there are folders and notices not yet paid in whole or in part starting from 2000. Then, there is the “paid” icon, where, on the other hand, there are the folders and notices already fully paid since 2000. At this point, it is clear that to check if I have paid the taxes, I have to consult the first icon and understand what amounts they are still uncovered.

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