How to Check BPUM Recipients for IDR 2.4 Million, Login to, Make sure the KTP Number is Correct

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – For those of you who want to know if it is registered as a recipient Assistance from the President of Micro Enterprises (BPUM) IDR 2,4 million can check it online online.

BRI customers can access the website

Login, then enter the KTP number and the verification code.

Known, Assistance from the President of Micro Enterprises (BPUM) or Productive Banpres for Micro Enterprises is a government incentive program in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Distribution, can be through state banks such as BRI.

MSMEs who want to register for direct cash assistance / BLT UMKM still have the opportunity to get this assistance.

The government has extended the Productive Presidential Assistance (Banpres) program.

So, how do you check the recipients of MSME assistance?

The page (Capture the screen)

How to Check MSME Beneficiaries at BRI

– How to check the participation of Productive UKM Banpres (Presidential Assistance) Program recipients, Login

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