How to catch Squirtle in Pokémon GO

Squirtle is a water-type creature, which you can find in Pokémon GO, It is one of the oldest cataloged Pokémon within the game and also so-called popular with most players. Currently there are several ways to capture it, but first of all you must find it. And in this section of our complete guide we will teach you different ways for you to successfully catch this interesting creature in Pokémon GO.

Recommendations to capture Squirtle in Pokémon GO

To catch this mythical Pokémon it will be necessary to find it, but luckily you can choose to choose it at the beginning of the game, by choosing your first Pokémon. There you can decide between the available options to get Squirtle as your first companion on the trip.

If, on the other hand, you did not choose Squirtle as your first partner, don’t worry, just the same you can catch it in the wild especially in residential areas that are very common to find. To have better results you can use a bait module or an incense that will help you attract all the Pokémon that are near your location.

The best way to do it will be walking down the street, using your mobile GPS, until you run with the luck to find him; but we recommend that you bear in mind the existing restrictions in your area regarding the pandemic.

evoluciones squirtle pokemon go
Squirtle evolutions in Pokémon GO.

Another way to capture Squirtle is by completing the mission «Catch 5 Pokémon», as well as being very aware of new events that can be presented as the 5th anniversary Pokémon collection event where it was relatively easy to capture it.

To capture Squirtle no need to use many poke balls and much less of the special type, it will be enough to make some effective throws, if you want more effectiveness you can use some berries.

▪ Release date: 07/06/2016

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