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JAKARTA, – Executive Vice President Consumer Loan PT Bank Mandiri Tbk Ignatius Susatyo Wijoyo said, Pandemic Covid-19 make everyone’s shopping style change, including purchases property.

“In the past, people wanted to buy home or want to see the house project will come physically to check, ask in person, “Ignatius said in a virtual conference, Wednesday (9/9/2020).

Pandemic forces Government enact Large-Scale Social Restrictions ( PSBB) to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Therefore, of course everyone can make property purchases daring through gawai in order to find information occupancy which is desired.

Departing from these community habits, PT Bank Mandiri Tbk helps people find homes easily through platform digital.

Company roll out property exhibition online to increase portfolio and growth Credit Ownership Home (KPR) as well as helping the community get occupancy options.

Property exhibition this is the Company’s effort to help increase movement economy Indonesia.

That way, the contraction of the Indonesian economy did not fall further.

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As is well known, industry property has multiplier effect ( double effect) with over 140 related industries.

Based on the survey, Bank Mandiri recorded 78 percent consumer buy residential property making transactions with the facility mortgage financing throughout Quarter-II.

“So, the majority is about 80 percent still credit Ya, “safe Ignatius.

Seeing this, Bank Mandiri felt it had to work together with developer ( developer) through creative ways in running digital platforms.

At this property exhibition, Bank Mandiri provides special interest rates with several alternatives such as a fixed interest rate of one to 10 years.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the DPP Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Totok Lusida said, the revival of the Indonesian economy is urgently needed at this time, especially from the property sector.

Therefore he hopes the property exhibition can provide positive impact for developers, banks and the public.



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