How to bred customers in car services, frightening cars with “bad brakes” – Lifehack

Now it has become fashionable to “fool” people when servicing the brake system. After all, not all users know how to maintain it and when to change certain parts.

Any car has high brake loads. Pads and discs become very hot, and dirt from the road flies onto hot surfaces. As a result, scale forms on the non-working edges of the disks, moreover, it is very fragile. She also becomes the cause of “divorce.” Inspecting the car or changing the pads, the master shows the client this scale and says that, you see, in what condition you have disks – they are heavily grooved, it’s time to replace it. And then the pads are sharpened twice as fast.

And one cannot believe it, because a solid-looking professional looks at the very rusty edges of the discs. And when the client is “conducted”, the master continues to scare. Like, pieces from this rusty scale can get into the gaps of the caliper mechanisms. This will cause not only a nasty creak, but can also damage the disk – furrows will appear on it. Looking ahead, we note that this is really possible, although it is rare. As a result, braking performance decreases, and this can lead to an accident.


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