How to best take care of an automatic transmission

Change the oil

Every car owner knows that it is good to check the oil level in the engine once in a while. The same should be done with the transmission, and if you find that there is a drop, deal with the leak. But it doesn’t just end with a check, the filling of the machine should also be changed at regular intervals. Here we come into a bit of a contradiction with what a manual says for a large part of cars, ie the kind of manual that you will typically find in a box in front of a passenger.

It says, among other things, that the filling does not need to be changed throughout the life of the vehicle. If we come to terms with the fact that after, for example, 150,000 kilometers, the car will be written off, then it can be believed. If you expect to drive more, you should switch to a slightly different mode and change the filling of the cabinet every 30,000 kilometers, which is roughly the limit when the lubricant is still in an acceptable state. Especially for DSG gearboxes, it is essential not to cough on replacements. And once such an exchange is made, then always with flushing. Run away quickly from a service that just wants to drain the oil and fill a new one.

When the oil changes, it’s good at the same time also replace filters. But it’s not that simple with them, because it’s not always possible to easily replace them all. The gearbox can have two filters, the finer one can usually be given a new one when changing the oilTo get to the latter, you need a wardrobe as well remove from the vehicle. This entails the need to reseal the lower lid (you could also say oil pans) and costs increase.

Don’t get used to glitches

There are simple guidelines for some atypical manifestations and defects – don’t get used to them. It may happen that it needs to be significant it will slow down or a higher speed will be needed for it to occur. Nothing like this is allowed and it signals one defect or problem. Many drivers deal with this in a way that they simply get used to and adapt to. This is wrong, because an unresolved fault usually grades, and over time, the fault gets worse and spreads so much that the service costs several times what he would have come up with if the problem had been solved right away.

Do not rely on diagnostics

There is another thing related to defects – diagnostics. Today he has at home where who, whether in the form of a cheap one wireless adapter to the OBD socket, or maybe a professional variant that will tell you about the car first last. Unfortunately, the transmission is primarily a mechanical matter. This means that there can be a lot of faults (and in practice this is often the case) that the car’s control unit does not know about. Typically, for example, a durable bearing at the end of its service life – the electronics have no way of knowing that something is wrong with it and the indicator light on the dashboard comes on only when it gets stuck or completely disintegrates.

How to take care of an automatic transmission and prolong its life

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