How to avoid insomnia, which foods to eat and which not to eat before going to sleep

Going to bed after an exhausting day is all you could ask for. There is no more comfortable place in the house than under the covers, safe. Fatigue will be eating us alive, we can’t wait to finally get a good sleep, but no. As soon as we touch the pillow with our head, sleep is completely gone.

Whole nights tossing and turning between the covers, changing positions, turning the pillow, but nothing. There is no way to sleep. A psychophysical factor that should not be underestimated is certainly stress. Sleep and stress are a destructive combination for our night rest. But nutrition also has a major impact on sleep quality. Let’s see together how and why.

How to avoid insomnia, which foods to eat and which to avoid before going to sleep

If in spring the increase in temperatures favors sleep and it is no coincidence that we say “April sweet sleep”, with the arrival of winter, however, the body is affected by the seasonal change. The repercussions of poor quality sleep bring considerable discomfort.

Difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night or waking up in the morning unable to get back to sleep. These are the frequent situations that arise when suffering from insomnia. And if stress and lifestyle strongly affect the quality of sleep, nutrition, as we have said, contributes to the problem of insomnia.

There are, in fact, foods that stimulate sleep and foods that instead promote insomnia. The effect is obviously caused by the components of the food, which stimulate the nervous system in different ways. So let’s see how to avoid insomnia, which foods to eat and which to avoid before going to sleep.

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To promote sleep, we fill up with magnesium, vitamin B and melatonin

The fruit and vegetables they are “friends” of sleep. Apricots, peaches, bananas, cherries and kiwis, with their properties promote muscle relaxation, reconciling it with a good quality sleep. Just one research of the Taipei Medical University, out of a number of people, revealed that daily consumption of kiwifruit not only makes you sleep better, but extends your sleep duration.

Excellent for a good night’s sleep are also oats, rice, nights and almonds. Consuming a plate of rice for dinner, thanks to the glycemic intake, increases the levels of tryptophan, the protein that stimulates serotonin.

What are the foods to ban in the evening before going to sleep?

Via chocolate, caffeinated drinks such as cola, tea and coffee, preserved meats and spicy foods. Especially hot sauces, mustard and spices such as curry, are enemies of sleep. By raising the levels of capsaicin in the body, they severely disturb sleep. Red meats, sugars, carbohydrates and alcoholic beverages literally kill sleep and are to be banned before bedtime. If you want to have a better quality of sleep, then paying attention to your diet is also essential.

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