How to apply for a temporary license plate

Valid for five days: short-term and transfer license plates

Not for eternity: A short-term license plate is only valid for five days. Photo: Markus Scholz / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

If the car has already been deregistered, traders such as car manufacturers, workshops and dealers can use a red license plate, a “red number” or “workshop number” for such journeys.

Private individuals have to use a short-term license plate. What to watch out for.

How long is the license plate valid?

“The short-term license plate is valid for exactly five days from the date of registration,” informs Achmed Leser from Tüv Thuringia. The last day of admission is embossed on the right edge of the license plate in black on a yellow background with the day, month and year in three lines. “From midnight on the following day, the vehicle may neither be moved on public roads nor parked in stationary traffic,” said Leser.

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Since 2015, according to the reader, only a very specific vehicle can be registered in this way. This must not be permitted otherwise and must generally have a valid general inspection (HU).

Where can i go?

With short-term license plates, test drives or transfers are allowed. All other journeys are prohibited according to ADAC. In addition, journeys are usually limited to Germany. However, the ADAC points out that there are international agreements on the mutual recognition of the respective national transport and test license plates and the corresponding vehicle documents. The car club names Austria, Italy and Denmark.

Caution: so-called remote registrations are prohibited with the threat of fines or even confiscation of the car. So when the short-term license plate is taken in a suitcase from Germany to screw it on abroad and drive it back.

What documents do I usually need?

You can apply for the license plate either at your place of residence or at the location of the vehicle, according to the ADAC. For the vehicle registration office, vehicle registration documents and letters (registration certificate parts 1 and 2) are required. Often one of the two or a copy is enough.

A current HU report is also required. According to ADAC, it is better to have your ID card or passport with you with you. In addition, an electronic proof of insurance is required for short-term registration. This so-called eVB number is issued by every car insurance company, soreaders.

As with a long-term registration, the relevant data such as vehicle identification number, manufacturer and owner are entered in the temporarily valid vehicle registration, explains Leser. “In this case, the holder is the applicant.”

The ADAC advises you to clarify in advance which documents you need in individual cases with the admissions office and make an appointment.

What does the license plate cost?

In addition to the cost of the signs, for which the ADAC calculates around 25 euros on its website, an administration fee of around 13 euros and the cost of insurance must be expected. However, the costs for the 5-day insurance would often be offset against a later insurance policy, if the car is insured with the same insurance company, said Readers.

Short-term license plate also without HU

In certain cases, there can also be a short-term license plate for de-registered vehicles without a valid HU, according to the Tüv Thüringen. However, the scope of the license plate is limited: “You can only drive to the nearest workshop or vehicle inspection center to repair the car to leave or to apply for an HU ”, soreaders.

If defects are found in the case of the general inspection, a trip to the nearest workshop is allowed to have them repaired. “However, the garage must be in the same or an adjacent registration district,” says Achmed Leser. The strict regulation benefits all road users because it ensures that unsafe vehicles are not allowed to be driven, even with a short-term license plate.

Information from the Federal Ministry of Transport about license plates



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