How to Add Video to a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation: Easy Steps for a Professional-Looking Presentation

The appearance becomes more attractive, here’s how to add a video to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. – Knowing how to add video to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation can make your job easier. Especially in making an interesting presentation.

Because adding video to PPT will make your presentation stand out and attract the attention of the audience.

Videos can also be a strategy you can use to make yourself more professional rather than just a series of boring sentences. has summarized an easy way to add video to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, the first video is taken directly from the PC and the second is from YouTube.

Here’s how to easily add video to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:

Adding Video Files to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations from PC

Obviously, you have to download or save the video you want to embed in PPT first before inserting it into PowerPoint.

To insert a video file into PowerPoint, open your presentation and select a slide. From the ribbon bar, click Insert > Videos > Videos on my PC.

Find the video file you want to embed on your PC in the Insert Video box. then click the Insert button to insert it into the presentation.

Don’t forget, you must use a supported video format such as mp4 or convert your video to the format required by PPT.

In this way, your video will be included in the PowerPoint slide. You can change how the video plays during a presentation through the Video Tools section of the ribbon bar.

Click the Playback tab to access your video playback settings.

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To repeat the video while the slides are showing during a live presentation, you can click the Repeat until Stopped checkbox to enable it.

If you want the video to go full screen during playback, click to enable the Play Full Screen checkbox.

One more thing, you can also set how your video file will start playing, which by default is set to In Click Sequence .

Adding YouTube Videos to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Apart from inserting videos from your PC, you can also insert YouTube videos into your PowerPoint presentations.

For your information, recent versions of Microsoft PowerPoint (including 2019 and 365) allow you to insert YouTube videos using only a URL.

While older versions of Microsoft Powerpoint (2016 and older), you can include them with embeds.

If you are using PowerPoint 2019, open your PowerPoint presentation and select the appropriate slide. From the ribbon bar, click Insert > Video > Online Video.

In the Online Videos box, copy-paste the URL to the YouTube video into the box provided. Click Insert to add the video to your presentation.

The video will appear as a thumbnail with a large play icon in the center. When you click on the thumbnail, then it will load the video with YouTube controls.

Meanwhile, if you are using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or earlier, please click Share on the YouTube video that you are embedding > select Embed > Copy Embed and paste it into the PPT slide where you want to insert the video

That’s an easy way to add video to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

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