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Discover an alternative way to get this feature without downloading any extra app.

Small videos or images of 15 to 30 seconds have made users of various platforms share their moments with the rest of their contacts. Instagram and Facebook, for example, allow the archive to be set with music during that time, making the shared moment more special.

WhatsApp does not have the function of adding music to your stories; however, it is possible to do it with a simple trick. Here we explain two alternatives to achieve it.

Record yourself while listening to music in another app:

In the first, all you need is the camera of your mobile and your service streaming preferred as Spotify. The answer to this option is that the music app should allow its use in the background, but at the same time.

The Spotify app allows you to use other applications in the background, but at the same time. Image: Pexels

Choose the song of your choice and play it. Then, select the section “My status” for the chamber to open. For the moment, don’t record anything, just look for the best angle of the scene you want to share: your breakfast, a landscape or your pet.

Download an alternate app

This option only applies to photographs; that is, you will not be able to include music if what you want to share is a video.

What you should do is download an app from your cell phone store.

Find the app: “WhatsApp statuses with music” and choose the option you like; usually the best performing and critical ones are in the top positions.

Try the alternatives offered by the store Or read the observations, evaluations and experiences of other Internet users to decide which one to choose. (AND)

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