How to Activate Private Messenger Chat on Instagram Why can’t I get it?

In most of the applications that are used the most today as social networks, it is normal that you are included, among all their functions, a private chat. And certainly, this is a function that gives quality to the application, since with the private chat it is possible to send audios in some to friends, or forward posts.

One of these applications is Instagram, a platform that has gained momentum, thanks to all the functions that update time after time, such as reels. Certain functions of this application, before were not even thought of as something that could be possible, such as sending stickers or activating or deactivating the last time active in the application.

Next, we will explain a little about the instagram mobile app and how we can make the most of it, in case we have a problem when we use it. It is normal that applications that are always being updated have problems, so we will explain a problem of these and how to fix it.

How to make the most of the main functions of Instagram?

It is no secret that this mobile application has many functions and you can take advantage of them more easily than entering from an Internet browser. For example, creating an Instagram account from the browser is simple; but, uploading a publication or a story from the pc is somewhat more complicated and although it can be done, it takes more time.

Instagram Stories

Speaking precisely of the stories, we will explain a little about them; this is an option you can post something for 24 hours, and it will automatically delete itself after this time. In addition, within the stories that you want to publish, you have the option of sending it only to a list of best friends that you have added and edited before.

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instagram and messenger logos

Many people who have a virtual store and use one business account on InstagramThey consider that with stories they can learn more about what to post in their stories. This is so because, the more stories you post and keep your account active, the more audiences you can reach and make them feel comfortable with the content.

And that or is it, with the photos you post in your story, you can test created filters for your photos or put them on later. Also, with the stories you can upload texts prepared by you, make surveys or questions and that others can answer and the answer reaches you privately in the chat.

Private chats on Instagram

Now, speaking of private chat offered by InstagramAlso known as DM (direct message), a feature that has been a part of Instagram for a long time. With it you can send texts, audios, photos, stickers, and even in one of the latest updates you can have a secret chat within a chat.

To activate this function, after login to your account on Instagram and enter the icon that looks like a lying ray, and select the chat you want to write to. Once you are in the chat, place your finger on the screen and slide it down and the ephemeral mode will come out; to deactivate it, the same process is carried out.

Why can’t I get the private chat on my Instagram account?

At this point, referring to the chat on Instagram, it has happened to many users that the option to enter the chat does not appear no answer and it comes out. However, this is a problem that has a solution, since the problem arises for a very simple reason to determine, which we are going to explain to you.

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syncing instagram messaging

If your problem is this, that the Messenger icon does not appear on your startup, then this may be due to a lack of application update. So, in those cases the solution is simple, install or update to the latest version available in your mobile application store.

If the application is outdated, it will inform you in the application store, because when you enter it, a box will appear with the word “Update”. As you can see, the process to solve the problem is quite simple; you could also try clearing the cache or data of the Instagram application.

Following these steps in detail, you will be able to start using and enjoying all the functions offered by the private chat of Messenger on Instagram in your account.

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