How The Little Mermaid Movie Put Kate Middleton in an Unfavorable Light

This time, Prince William’s wife was put in an unfavorable light in the acclaimed movie The Little Mermaid.

The new tape, released on screens in May this year, became scandalous long before its release. The biggest outrage among people was caused by the decision of the filmmakers to make the heroine dark-skinned, because everyone has been accustomed since childhood that her skin should be light. However, it turned out that there are many other pitfalls in the film.

For example, there was a big allusion to the British royal family. According to the story, when the prince tried to guess the name of the numb little mermaid, he first named the names of Diana and Katherine. And it was here that the meticulous viewer saw a connection with the ruling house. Allegedly, Diana is an allusion to the late Princess Diana. And Katherine is a clear reference to Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife. The picture was completed with a couple more touches: the skin color of the Little Mermaid, because Meghan Markle is also dark-skinned. And the reaction of the heroine to the name Katherine – she grimaced in disgust.

If you imagine that the Little Mermaid is Meghan Markle, then the reaction is completely understandable, since she simply cannot stand the Princess of Wales. By the way, Megan herself somehow managed to compare herself with Ariel on the Oprah show. Indeed, among her countless sufferings at court, there was also a forced silence. She had to keep quiet about what she allegedly endured from the Windsors. But now, as we can see, Megan has found a voice, so much so that she can no longer be stopped.

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