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Are you a non-European national looking to relocate to Slovenia to take advantage of the high quality of living and other benefits? Citizensl provides with legal assistance to obtain citizenship by various programs, including the repatriation program in Slovenia. The following process comprises immigration by naturalization or investment to become a permanent resident and have eligibility to avail the benefits. Recently, the passport of Slovenia has become popular and in high demand.

Why is Slovenia a great country to move to?

Obtaining Slovenian citizenship gives you access to all the EU states. In comparison to Third World nations, the EU offers a variety of benefits to its people, including travel mobility, high-quality education, social benefits, and a secure future.

Slovenia is regarded as one of the safest countries in the European Union, having an extremely low crime rate. The country is strategically placed at a crossroads of European commercial routes, and it borders Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Hungary. Investors can operate their businesses without extra efforts about logistics.

Slovenia has a rich culture, with well-structured cultural institutions and a diverse selection of cuisine delicacies.

Registration of EU passport with the support of the CitizenSL lawyers

Citizensl devises a strategy for each applicant to increase the chance of successful result.

You can get Slovenian passport in three ways:


This is a citizenship procedure based on cultural, economic, scientific, or other similar criteria. It can be gained by either permanent residency or a residence permit. If you have been living or working in Slovenia for a long time – you are eligible to apply. The reviews highlight this method as good but very time-consuming.


One of the fastest ways to obtain citizenship is by investment program. In exchange for investing EUR 50,000 in Slovenia, you and your close family will be granted a temporary residency. Within a specific number of years, depending on your profile, you will be allowed to register a citizenship. Reviews highlight this method as reliable, but very expensive


You can gain citizenship if you have territorial affiliation to the country of registering.

We are ready to guide and assist you with the procedure. For documentation purposes, we will help you to search all the necessary papers in the Slovenian government archives, take the responsibility for the translation, and notarization processes. The repatriation is a simplified procedure, that is why you do not have to invest a significant amount of time in learning Slovenian and gaining information in order to apply for EU documents. All you have to do is to provide our lawyers with the documentation, and pass the oath-taking ceremony when its needed.

In order to evaluate your application, we need 2 – 3 business days to comprehend your profile and estimate the scope of work fully. The entire procedure takes no longer than 8 months. Our consultants will keep you informed and advise you during the entire process. After completing the final step, you will be required to take an oath and obtain your second citizenship certificate. In a result you will get the EU passport after a few simple registration procedures. The reviews highlight this method as the best way to obtain EU documents, both in terms of time and cost.

Reviews about the help of the experts of

Customers prefer immigration advisors over the never-ending process. According to their reviews, lawyers of are experienced and well-versed in the process.

As a result, the vast majority of people choose to work with immigration consultants. Our customers have provided us with positive reviews about Citizensl’s services and how the process was completed within the estimated time frame. One of our customers review who has got EU passport:

Summary about immigration, CitizenSL and reviews

According to the Republic of Slovenia statistical office, in 2022, 172,442 foreign citizens will be residing in Slovenia. You can become a part of the following nation. Good reviews all over the internet show that the CitizenSL can be trusted. Get in touch with professional consultants of Citizensl to guide you through all the steps.

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