how the games are psychologically structured

Have you ever stopped to think about the psychology of gambling, for example, free online poker Belgium ? No, not really how to have the winning mindset or the perfect expressionless face for the poker table, but rather why humanity feels the need to gamble in the first place. People love the odds, people love to play with the odds – and people love to beat the odds. Here is more information on the psychology of gambling and what makes Belgian gamblers tick.

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Why are we playing?

From a psychological point of view, people gamble for the feeling of exciting gain they experience. That’s why we take the risk of pushing the button on a slot machine or betting a family member five dollars that they won’t eat all the pudding at once: It’s about of the possibility of winning. This applies to all casino games, from lottery poker. Of course, the art of gambling comes into play as well, but anticipation and the potential for winning is at the heart of why people feel the need to play at a few casinos on the big casino list – or to take risks.

Le fair-play

Beating the house can be fun, but another great attraction of gambling and other online casino games is to test your mettle and luck against other players. Those who do not necessarily seek to make a profit enjoy social activity and competition, and winning a victory, no matter how much at stake, can be considered a great victory in itself when one considers that chance and luck play a major role in these games. Take the example of bridge – there is no money at stake – the rewards for a good bridge have always been mainly the respect and admiration of others.

The rewards

Gambling and winning creates chemical changes in the brain. These chemical changes release the brain’s joy hormones and make you feel like you’re hitting the jackpot. For most people, it ends there and you can walk away from the table whether you won a little or lost a lot. For some, that’s not quite the case, and they keep chasing the brain’s dose of joy hormones. This then turns into gambling addiction.

Games are designed to take advantage of this psychology

  • Casino games, especially those that are automated,
  • and recreational game software,
  • apps
  • and online games,

are designed to appeal to those places in our brain that will keep us playing, dropping coins in slots, or spending hours with our computers or Nintendo Switch rather than detailing the family car or take the dogs for a nice, long walk.

Some players self-medicate in a kind of “machine zone” while playing, which is the result of the interaction between the player and the machine, rather than the product of the player’s personality or design. of the machine. The in-game payment systems in Belgium are designed to keep the player in this area with small and unpredictable rewards.

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