How the flood situation is developing in Germany

Dhe flood situation on the Rhine remains tense due to the thaw and persistent rainfall. The levels continued to rise on Tuesday, albeit only slightly. Parts of the Upper and Middle Rhine are closed to shipping, for example near Worms and Speyer, but also further downstream on the Middle Rhine near Bingen and Koblenz. According to the Rhineland-Palatinate water police, the levels are likely to drop for a short time before they rise again slightly on Thursday due to further precipitation. The situation was relatively constant and under control, said a spokesman for the water police for the FAZ. There was “still a lot of room for improvement”. The German weather service in Offenbach predicted further rain in the course of the week.

Shipping was still possible between Mannheim and Mainz, in the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital only lower areas on the river were flooded. In Mainz, the river “scratched” the high water mark 2, which is here at 6.30 meters and closes the waterways. The mark 1 (in Mainz it is 4.75 meters) was exceeded at the weekend, since then ships have only been allowed to travel at reduced speed and in the middle of the river. Elsewhere, for example near Ludwigshafen, but also on the Moselle near Trier, the towpaths (riverside paths) are flooded. According to the Rhineland-Palatinate flood forecast center, the water level in Trier is likely to increase even further by Thursday.

Rising levels on the Main

The situation in the Hessian flood areas continued to ease for the time being. As the State Office for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology announced in Wiesbaden, the water levels of all rivers fell on Tuesday. The flood warning levels were only exceeded on the Kinzig. Previously there had been floods in the Wetterau district in Büdingen. The old town was flooded there on Friday. Because of the persistent rainfall, from this Wednesday evening onwards, the flood warning levels are expected to be exceeded again locally, said a spokeswoman for the state office. For the Main, rising water levels were forecast again for Friday.

The water levels also continued to rise on the Lower Rhine. At the Cologne gauge, 8.14 meters were reached in the morning, 40 centimeters more than the day before. According to current calculations by the North Rhine-Westphalian State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection, the highs there will be between 8.40 and 8.70 meters on Friday and between 9.60 and 9.90 meters at the Duisburg gauge on Saturday. At high water mark 2, shipping is completely stopped. It is 8.30 meters in Cologne and 11.30 meters in Duisburg. The levels also continued to rise on the Weser in East Westphalia. Five meters were measured in Petershagen, 3.50 meters in Porta Westfalica and Höxter, but no reporting limit was exceeded at any level. According to official information, the flood situation in North Rhine-Westphalia has “largely relaxed”.

The levels drop slightly in some places

In Bavaria, too, the flood situation initially improved slightly. The water levels at the Main tributaries have fallen. In the lower reaches of the Aisch, the Rauhen Ebrach and the Upper Main, there are only individual gauges in the area of ​​reporting level 1, at which the water overflows the banks in places and in smaller quantities. The water levels are also falling on the navigable Main. Reporting level 1 was only exceeded at the Würzburg gauge when the water level fell. The water levels on the northern tributaries of the Danube have also fallen. There are individual levels above reporting level 1 on the Schwarzach and Schwarzen Laber rivers.

The water levels on the Danube are falling, with some levels between Regensburg and Passau still above reporting levels 1 or 2. Level 2 means that agricultural and forestry areas are flooded or slight traffic obstructions have arisen on main traffic and local roads.



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