how the fifteen-year-old daughter of Yulia Nachalova lives now

The star heiress shared a personal revelation.

Vera Aldonina’s new public performance turned out to be a failure. Yulia Nachalova’s daughter took the stage and performed one of Whitney Houston’s hits, but she encountered bullying on the Internet.

The public appreciated the vocal data of the star’s successor, but was disappointed with his appearance. The figure-shaped dress and lush styling did not impress Internet users, and they strongly advised Aldonina to find a stylist. According to many, 15-year-old Vera looks older than her late mother.

Meanwhile, Aldonina pays no attention to criticism. In a new interview, the aspiring artist admitted that she does not use the services of a stylist and creates her own images herself. A celebrity only listens to her beloved grandmother, who replaced her mother. “Grandma is my main support and support,” Vera noted in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets».

Vera also admitted that she firmly decided to connect life with creativity, but has not yet decided who exactly she wants to become – a singer or an actress. Nachalova’s heiress devotes almost all of her time to study and study at the school theater studio, where she plays in musicals staged in English.

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