How PlayStation 4 games work on PlayStation 5

Players who purchase a PlayStation 5, when it launches on November 19, will also have the opportunity to play PlayStation 4 games. Sony announced the backward compatibility feature earlier this year, and now we’re told exactly how it’s going to work.

Game Boost

PlayStation 4 discs slide straight into the PlayStation 5 version with disk drive. The full digital version requires you to download PlayStation 4 games through the PlayStation Store. Bilde: Sony Interactive Entertainment

On the official PlayStation blog Sony’s Hideaki Nishino explains that PlayStation 4 games will use a feature called Game Boost on PlayStation 5. As the name suggests, the feature gives a boost to the older games. What kind of boost depends on the game, but Sony reports possibilities for unlocked frame rate and resolution up to 4K.

99 percent of the over 4,000 games launched for PlayStation 4 will work on PlayStation 5. The old games can be purchased and downloaded directly via PlayStation Store, and if you have the PlayStation 5 version with disk drive, you can just insert the game disc into your computer.

By logging in with your PlayStation account, you will also have automatic access to all PlayStation 4 content you already own digitally. For selected games, you can also get storage files and progress for PlayStation 5, but as Sony says, it is the developer himself who must facilitate this.

VR is involved

The VR equipment for PlayStation 4 will continue. Bilde: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Furthermore, Nishino says that PlayStation VR games are also on the load. These are played with the VR equipment that was originally released for PlayStation 4, ie the glasses, PS Camera, PlayStation Move controllers and DualShock 4 controller.

PlayStation 5 includes full support for its predecessor controls – as long as you stick to PlayStation 4 content. The new DualSense controller can also be used for backward compatibility, but Sony points out that things work best when using PlayStation 4 controllers for PlayStation 4 games.

If you are interested in knowing more, or to see the list of the (currently) ten games that do not support backward compatibility, you can review the information on PlayStation’s web pages. Here the developer explains exactly how to transfer storage files between the consoles or upgrades select PlayStation 4 games to PlayStation 5 edition.

The PlayStation Store is supposed to undergo major changes.
Leaked document claims that older games are a little harder to get hold of »


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