How not to break in, but already to hate LADA Vesta with a CVT – owner

The car drove a thousand kilometers, but the driver is no longer glad that he bought it.

The LADA Vesta update became one of the main events of 2019 in the Russian car market. The car received improvements that excluded several of its “childhood ills,” but AvtoVAZ could not fly without a fly in the ointment – the flagship model was “awarded” with the H4M engine (Nissan HR16DE) and the Jatco CVT JF015E.

Ruthless marketing does not talk about the “pitfalls” of LADA Vesta with a CVT, and in general, does not talk about this gearbox as a CVT, calling it short and less frightening for Russians – AT. Despite the negative details of the CVT, which were disclosed by experts, journalists, and bloggers, they buy the updated Vesta and, on the eve of the thematic forum, the motorist told how not to pass the test, but already to hate the LADA Vesta with the CVT.

The owner of the variable-speed “Vesta” said that she suffers from a “maslozhorom”, and “eats more than 1.8.” Judging by the modest mileage of 1,150 km and the stylus, the increased “appetite” of the car was at least half the time it was in operation.

On the forum, the owner of the LADA Vesta showed photos on which the probe is captured on a run of 500 km and a run of 1150 km. In the first picture, you can see that the oil level is at a normal level, and in the second frame, the lubrication level has dropped to almost a minimum, which shocked both the motorist and members of the forum.

It is noteworthy that a user appeared on the forum whose oil consumption on the variable-speed LADA Vesta does not exceed the norm. And therefore, forum users believe that the spread of quality in the “West”, which previously spoiled her reputation, remained with her.



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