How NetEase, JinkoSolar, Pinterest, Vipshop, Facebook and Alphabet-A made people talk about it


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23.07 19:06

Zarni | ZARNI373
Champion stocks and more

The crazy market picture repeats itself again that after a quick sell-off new all-time highs are reached only a few days later. How long can / will this continue to work …? Before and at the beginning of the sale, I sold some shares for a large profit, and cash was generated. In addition, the short hedges have taken effect, this is especially important in the future, then sooner or later a larger correction will come, which will not be negated again after three days! Cash is retained and increased if necessary! Because to continue to buy stocks blindly in the opinion that stocks can only rise anyway and every setback, no matter how small, represents an opportunity for purchases and secure further profits is naive and will take revenge at some point. Purchases for the depot are planned in the event of a real correction, i.e. greater than 5% or 10%

22.07 22:39

yannikYBbretzel | YB2020ST
Platform network tech amazing

FACEBOOK INC. Profit taking – partial sale Trade 07/22/2021 Pieces: 3 Weighting: 0.69% Profit: 47.69%

21.07 13:16

sirmike | KISSIGQI
Kissigs Quality Investments

Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb manages the successful Sequoia fund, of which stock exchange legend Charlie Munger said: “The most notable investment firm in America is probably Sequoia. This venture capital firm is absolutely fanatical about the latest technology. They have made more money than anyone and they have the best investment history of all “. In the 1st quarter they increased Facebook to their second largest position. The social media company is growing apparently inexorably despite increasing headwinds and is increasingly able to monetize its offers. With a correspondingly positive impact on cash flow and profits. A must-have in the portfolio …

23.07 15:50

Th96tr | ARTINT
Artificial Intelligence

Alphabet introduces new industrial robotics software Company Intrinsic: The aim is to develop software that uses techniques such as automated perception, deep learning, reinforcement learning, motion planning, simulation and force control. Robots should therefore become “more intelligent” with software. Source:

23.07 06:17

DanielLimper | DLWIAUST
DaLi_UmkehrTREND without leverage

07/23/2021: Profit taking / dissolution! Focus more on non-TECHs
Jinko Solar

22.07 08:34

Earn good | 80000008
NEO BOOM 4Kids and Hits ESG

And you can also see how little Musk really seems to care about sustainability. He suggests nuclear power for mining and probably also for operating e-cars. It’s exciting how you can lose your sympathy so quickly. I believe that renewable energies will actually be the cheapest form of energy in the long term, but that doesn’t happen overnight. But as long as there is a long-term trend towards the use of renewable energy by the community, Tesla can support that. (Elon Musk at “The B Word”) The trend towards more climate-friendly Bitcoin mining existed before, like the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index Still, Musk insisted on patting himself on the back for his dedication. He believes that Tesla, because of its connections in the renewable energy sector, could play a major role in the energy transformation of mining. He also spoke out in favor of using nuclear power. This is safe and climate-friendly. The Tesla CEO does not seem to have given any thought to the problem of final disposal. .browser.push-notification.1626941661.2021-07-22T08% 3A14% 3A20. #? cleverPushBounceUrl = https% 3A% 2F% & cleverPushNotificationId = uQXcxBMgpufQbRWce

22.07 08:30

Earn good | 90000009

As predicted a few weeks ago …: (And one reason why we were so firm yesterday) “Tesla will probably accept Bitcoin again” In mid-May, Tesla sent shock waves through the crypto space when the e-car maker announced that Bitcoin was due to its “ climate-damaging effects ”as a means of payment. This was followed by a debate about the consensus mechanism proof-of-work, mining and musk were accused of double standards. But now the U-turn. In an interview, the third richest person in the world revealed that the vehicle manufacturer will “probably” accept Bitcoin again. Because China is currently rigorously closing mining farms, especially those that rely on coal-fired power, the cryptocurrency is moving in a more energy-efficient direction. .browser.push-notification.1626941661.2021-07-22T08% 3A14% 3A20. #? cleverPushBounceUrl = https% 3A% 2F% & cleverPushNotificationId = uQXcxBMgpufQbRWce

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1. Pinterest on July 23. 5.78%, volume 129% normal days

2. Facebook on July 23 5.30%, volume 180% normal days

3. Alphabet-A on 7/23 3.58%, volume 130% normal days

4. Vipshop on July 23 -5.38%, volume 77% normal days

5. JinkoSolar on July 23 -6.80%, volume 83% of normal days

6. NetEase on July 23 -8.01%, volume 307% normal days

Stocks on the radar:In fact, CA, Wienerberger, Uniqa, Addiko Bank, Kapsch TrafficCom, Frequentis, Composite, ATX, ATX Prime, ATX CHILDREN, Bawag, DO&CO, Erste Group, EVN, SBO, Viennese private bank, FACC, BKS bank trunk, Oberbank AG trunk, Marinomed Biotech, Immofinanz, Bechtle.

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Pinterest on 7/23 5.78%, volume 129% normal days

Facebook on 7/23 5.30%, volume 180% normal days

Alphabet-A on 7/23 3.58%, volume 130% of normal days

Vipshop on July 23 -5.38%, volume 77% normal days

JinkoSolar on July 23 -6.80%, volume 83% of normal days

NetEase on 7/23 -8.01%, volume 307% normal days



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