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2020 is a special year. With an epidemic, all walks of life fell into the “winter” in an instant, and the economy was once pressed the pause button, which brought huge challenges to countless practitioners. It was such a difficult year. There are still many musicians in the Chinese music world who are still insisting on creating, and a batch of popular songs that resonate with the public have been born. “.

Then, in the era of streaming media, in the complete music industry chain from songwriting, production, singing, production, and publicity, music practitioners in different links, how do they chemically react with the music platform, and what are the stories behind them? ? With these questions, Music Finance and these creators chat together.

What is the experience of a musician holding a burst of money: life is like getting on a plane

“Meeting Him Later” is the first single in Hu 66’s new album and the first hit song in 2020. At the beginning of its release, it happened to be in the epidemic. I originally thought it would be “cool”, but I didn’t expect it. Yes, after the song went live, under the platform announcement matrix, it quickly climbed to the top of the Kugou TOP500 list and the Kugou soaring list, and after the further fermentation of the short video platform, it quickly became a song with more than 1 billion views. .

Musician Hu 66 has liked music since he was a child. When he grew up, he went to Beijing to sing alone. His salary was not high and he received fake money. The music career stumbled all the way. Until the 2018 “Empty Like Ye”, the song became popular throughout the Internet from Kugou Music, which changed her destiny. However, her short-lived worries after the explosion had troubled her for a long time. Fortunately, with the help of the platform, “Meeting Him Later” in 2020 has once again become a music work with the popularity of the whole network, and let her music be heard by more people again.

Li Yihao, the songwriter and songwriter of “Meeting Him Later”, wrote the first well-known work “Arrogant” during college in 2019. Because of the lyrics and music, this song was named “the heart-abuse song of the year in 2019”. Li Yihao’s “Arrogant” was recognized by the market, but quickly fell into a bottleneck, and he began to doubt whether he was suitable for such a creative style. It was not until the popularity of “Meeting Him Later” that Li Yihao’s heart was truly untied, “I can continue to write love songs in the future.”

For Xu Yong and Shu Wei, the lead singers of the landscape group who also owns the popular “You Don’t Walk”, “Life in 2020 is like getting on a plane”, carrying them and Tujia music higher and higher.

As early as 2010, their husband and wife have been trying to integrate Tujia culture into their songs: they have been wedding hosts, participated in various performances, and have been on TV, but soon discovered that their public influence has not Can increase substantially, and income is quite limited.

The turning point occurred in 2020. After the performance was suspended during the epidemic, there was no source of income. The Shanshui Group began to broadcast live, and “You Don’t Go” was born during this period. Their original “You Don’t Go”, based on the background of a couple quarreling with their wives and returning to their parents’ home, went online and quickly became popular. As of the day of the Music Finance interview in early January, the total number of comprehensive online clicks for this song exceeded 10 billion.

How musicians react with the Kugou open platform and enter the fast track of promotion

In the view of Shanshui Group, although they used to post a lot of songs, they still need to find someone to upload them, and the money was earned by others, but now they can self-publish songs through the Kugou music open platform, and the copyright is in their hands. In Xu Yong’s words, the income is “a world apart” compared to before. “What I felt I couldn’t get in the past has been realized so suddenly. I don’t think I have been in vain for so many years of persistence.”

From being unnamed to being popular overnight, surprises come quickly, but they are not groundless. For most independent musicians, distribution, promotion, monetization, and copyright are still knowledge blind spots, and the existence of a one-stop self-service platform is particularly important.

Platform Dongfeng can send musicians onto the fast lane

The influence of a hit is not only an increase in income and a surge in fame, but also a practical experience for musicians to realize the importance of cooperation with the platform.

Although there are many methodologies summarized by the industry for the birth of hit songs, it is still very difficult to actually operate. In the opinion of Sean Xiaozhe, producer of “Clouds and Seas”, the announcement of new songs can easily make the publicity fee vain.

“Throughout the entire market, music promotion is particularly difficult, but it has been improving. At this stage, the problem of the promotion channel has been solved. However, the short video platform is only a propaganda carrier. How to promote a song in detail The large-scale dissemination of short video platforms, the creative planning of dissemination, the methods of dissemination, and the integration of dissemination resources are still what we need to try, integrate, and explore.”

When the content party does not have more spare energy to push this song, Kugou Music Open Platform Xingyao Project provided a great help. From the planning of the song to the implementation of the promotion, the platform has achieved: timely discovery, close cooperation, and efficient execution. “The song “Clouds and Seas” showed me the support and power that the platform has given to musicians and content companies.”

Data power is the primary manifestation of platform power. In the era of big data, AI is clearly a competition point between streaming media platforms. On the one hand, how the model learns and analyzes in depth, and taps potential songs is one of the decisive factors for the fierce competition between platforms and the difference. The big hits of 2020 such as “Meet Him” ​​and “Looking Towards” are from the Kugou Sky Eye model.

After the excavation, the promotion followed closely. This is also the biggest demand point of most musicians. At the level of song publicity, the platform played the role of sending musicians to the fast lane.

The self-service traffic exchange products such as “Kugou Express” in the platform can help musicians find listeners in accurate data distribution. Musicians can choose different promotion amounts according to their needs, and the promotion effect can be visualized. In addition, Kugou also provides the option of free push songs, allowing musicians to earn “cool beans” by completing tasks to redeem push songs rights, reducing the cost pressure of musicians on promotion.

Outside the platform, with the help of the promotion matrix, such as the over 3,500 musicians in the Kugou Xingyao Cover Singing Alliance, conduct secondary disseminations such as covers, jams, dances, and cross-dressing to incubate hot songs; at the same time, rich multimedia resources further help works out of the circle , Such as laying a large number of lyrics posters in areas with high traffic such as bus stations to attract the eye, and simultaneously launch guessing lyrics H5, speeding up song dissemination, and realizing online and offline dual-channel publicity.

How musicians react with Kugou open platform and enter the fast lane of promotion

“At the critical moment, Kugou’s approach not only helps songs cross the last step and reach a new peak. For musicians, this is a very effective way to establish a personal brand. Musicians need such a way to give They cheer.” He sighed.

Cheng Ran, the producer and planner of Landscape Group and “Wrong Season” also mentioned that the most intuitive feeling in cooperation with the platform is “fast”. After the song was launched on Kugou, it continued to accumulate popularity. Kugou took the initiative to help Shanshui to shoot the vertical screen MV of “You Do Not Walk”, further promoting the visual spread of the song, and the vertical screen MV playback volume quickly exceeded 100 million.

How musicians react with the Kugou open platform and enter the fast track of promotion

“After all, there are countless new songs on the streaming media platform every day. If a song wants to be discovered, it needs platform support and our publicity.” Cheng Ran said. In the end, with the help of the platform’s three-dimensional resources, “The Wrong Season” has achieved dazzling results, sweeping the major charts of the music platform, and he himself has more market value production experience.

It can be seen that at the moment when the conditions for streaming media promotion are becoming more mature, from the accumulation of new song traffic, individuals being seen to income, from AI big data to song empowerment, to innovative customized content marketing, the platform has been laid for musicians. A road to sustainable music career.

The fate of ordinary musicians is highly integrated with the development of streaming media platforms, the change of media channels, and the evolution of music publicity and monetization modes.

The story condenses the fate of a generation of ordinary musicians from the Internet generation, and therefore has strong characteristics of the times.


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