How much Twitch streamer Pokimane earned in 2020

The panorama of the video streaming platform Twitch it is evolving rapidly and for years it has no longer been a destination reserved exclusively for video game enthusiasts. However, its most famous representative continues to remain Pokimane, the 24-year-old streamer who has now conquered more than 7 million followers thanks to live shows focused on the world of videogames but during which there is also space for interaction with followers and various guests. However, understanding how much the young streamer – who at the registry office responds to the name of Imane Anys – earns from her activities is more difficult.

According to a study by Stream Hatchet, Pokimane is the second most viewed streamer in the world: according to analysts’ calculations, 2020 would have totaled 23.3 million total viewing hours on all platforms on which it is active; the figure was only surpassed by her colleague Valkyrae – who has been working mainly on YouTube Gaming for a year now – but as far as Twitch is concerned, the young woman has no rivals.

How much does Pokemon earn on Twitch

In 2019, a rumor circulated according to which it seemed that Pokimane earned about 2 million dollars a year from its streaming activities, from affiliations, donations and sponsors: the girl, however, jokingly denied the rumor. Estimates and calculations on the value of its activities, however, continue to circulate uncontrolled on the Net. Only by the thousands of paying subscribers to the channel Twitch it is estimated that the young woman can earn at least $ 250,000 every year, to which are added numerous other secondary sources of income, such as donations to which Pokimane has imposed a maximum ceiling of 5 dollars.

How much does Pokimane earn on YouTube

To this must be added two YouTube channels: the main one with 6.3 million subscribers and a secondary one dedicated to ASMR videos which brings the total to about 7 million. From the videos posted on YouTube’s proprietary sharing platform, the young woman should be able to draw between 400,000 and 500,000 views per day, which would bring her more than $ 2,000 per day. approximately $ 730,000 per year. The calculations that emerge online are all approximate and do not take into account factors such as private agreements between the streamer and the companies, but all point to a total figure including between one million and two million dollars.

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