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“How much salary do you need to buy a car on installment in Jakarta?”


Own mobil may be the desire of some people. This is because having a car can be used for work or for bringing our family around, especially at Eid moments like this.

Maybe some of us ask, how much salary do you have to have in order to buy a car?

Answering this question, Andy Nugroho, Financial Planner from the Advisors Alliance Group, said that to buy a car in installments, you need at least 30% of your monthly salary.

He also gave an example, for car loans in the Greater Jakarta area, with the lowest type of car the price is around IDR 93,550,000. The payment tenor is 60 months or 5 years with the first payment (including car insurance) IDR 34,978,148. So, the installments per month are IDR 1,780,569.

“With installments of IDR 1.8 million (rounded), we should have an income of IDR 1.8 million × 100/30 = IDR 6 million,” said Andy to detikcom, Monday (24/4/2023).

For the duration of the car installments that must be paid, said Andy, it depends on the dealer or the leasing party. There are 12 months or one year to 5 years.

“On the one hand, consumers are sure that the longer their installment payments are, the lower the figure, the lower the nominal, if their abilities are limited, this will certainly make it easier. But on the negative side, yes, the nominal we pay is actually much higher compared to the longer the installment period. short, short tenor,” he said.

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