How much power your TV consumes if you leave it plugged in 24/7, even if it’s turned off. The amount that is charged to you

We have a deep-rooted habit of checking if we have turned off the water, gas and electricity. Current energy prices will make you be very careful now if you have turned off the electronics in your home, because the TV consumes electricity even when it is turned off.

The idea that if an electronic object is turned off it does not consume is wrong. Even if they are closed by the button, regardless of whether you talk about the TV or the computer, they will bring you some lei every month electricity bill. If that sounds like a bit too much, try calculating annual amounts.

Many devices, if you are not using them, it would be best to unplug them. Chargers and computers are the electronics that consume the most because they remain connected for a long time. These are not the only electronic devices or appliances that consume power, even if they are turned off at the button.

Many people are turning to ever larger and more powerful televisions, regardless of their consumption, which is tailor-made. Most of us don’t we disconnect the TV from the power, regardless of whether we intend to rest or leave the house. What you don’t know is that a permanently connected TV consumes an average of 50 kWh per year.

The TV consumes even if it is not switched on

Internet is needed in the age of speed, becoming as important as electricity and running water. Many of us own not only a Wi-Fi router, but also a receiver for television stations. They certainly aren’t disconnected over 98% of the time. Including these systems, they reach an annual consumption of 30 kWh.

The phone charger, in turn, is almost always plugged in, but that’s not really a cheap habit. Despite having a very low consumption, if you calculate the annual consumption you will feel a Chinese drop. In the same category is the laptop charger which continues to drain even if the laptop is turned off.

Although more and more people prefer a laptop to a computerWhen it comes to performance, the best choice will always be a desktop. Therefore, it is permanently connected to the socket, which represents an annual consumption of 50 kWh.

I mentioned in a previous article that the kitchen is the room with the greatest consumption of electricity in a person’s home. Coffee machines, espresso machines and other small appliances left connected that you don’t use will bring you an annual consumption of 15kWh. Other consumers you probably don’t even know are adding to your electricity bill include the printer, fax machine, air conditioner, electric oven with electronic display, alarm clock, and all other electronic devices with displays or LEDs.

Based on the examples shown here, you can calculate your annual consumption of electronics and appliances that are turned off and left connected. We can learn to be cheaper and more environmentally conscious.

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