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  The box office of the Spring Festival stalls exceeds 7.8 billion. Who is the big winner behind?

Regardless of word-of-mouth, in this year known as “the strongest Spring Festival file in history”, the two films “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Hello, Li Huanying” have both broken into the top ten box office movie history in China.

On February 20th, “Hello Li Huanying broke 3.5 billion at the box office” and “Zhang Xiaofei’s station name is stuck”… Jia Ling and “Hello, Li Huanying” won many hot searches. On the 21st, “Hello, Li Huanying” box office has exceeded 4 billion yuan.

With this film alone, comedian Jia Ling has become the highest-grossing female director in China. How much money can Jia Ling make for the film that made Jia Ling the “first”?

Both “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Hello, Li Huanying” have both broken into the top ten Chinese box office movie history. How much can the people behind them make?

  “Hello, Li Huanying”


  How much can Jia Ling make?

It is not an exaggeration to say that Jia Ling is the most popular name in this Spring Festival.

Just by virtue of the movie “Hello, Li Huanying”, Jia Ling is currently the highest-grossing female director in China. By the deadline of the Red Star Capital Bureau last night, the box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” has exceeded 4 billion yuan.

In addition to high box office, Jia Ling’s debut work also won high reputation. As of February 20th, “Hello, Li Huanying” had a score of 8.1 on Douban, and a score of 9.5 on Maoyan.

As the current “China‘s highest-grossing female director”, how much money can Jia Ling make on this movie?

The Red Star Capital Bureau noted that there are not many companies that want to “divide money” from “Hello, Li Huanying”. Many star companies have gathered in the ranks of its producers, with 7 producers and 17 joint producers.

Beijing Culture (000802.SZ), Shanghai Ruyi Film and Television Production Company (hereinafter referred to as “Ruyi Film and Television”), Tianjin Maoyan Weiying Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Maoyan Film”), Tencent Reading Group (00772.HK) Subsidiaries of Xinli Media Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinli Media”) and Ali Pictures (01060.HK) are among them.

Beijing Dawan Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baiwan Entertainment“) in which Jia Ling holds 65% of the shares is also among the producers. In addition, China Film (600977.SH), Hengdian Films (603103.SH), Huayi Brothers (300027.SZ) and other companies also appeared in the list of co-producers.

Beijing Culture, which ranked first on the list of producers, also disclosed the related revenue that benefited from “Hello, Li Huanying” on the evening of February 18.

According to its announcement, as of 24:00 on February 17, the cumulative box office revenue of “Hello, Li Huanying” was approximately RMB 2.725 billion. The Beijing culture comes from the film’s box office revenue of about 60 million yuan to 65 million yuan.

If calculated by this ratio, Beijing Culture’s box office revenue accounts for approximately 2.20% to 2.39%.

As usual, Big Bowl Entertainment, which is ranked 6th, is produced less than Beijing Culture. In other words, if the total box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” is estimated to reach 5 billion yuan, Jia Ling’s revenue will not exceed 120 million yuan.

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  “Detective Chinatown 3”


  “Take All” Wanda Movies Become Big Winners

Another popular movie in the Spring Festival this year, “Detective Chinatown 3”, had a box office of more than 4 billion on the 21st. Compared with “Hello, Li Huanying”, there are far fewer producers behind “Detective Chinatown 3”.

The main producers are Wanda Films (002739.SZ) and Chinese films, and the co-producers also include Ali Pictures, Maoyan Films, Jinyi Films (002905.SZ), Huanrui Century (000892.SZ), etc.

In 2019, Wanda Films disclosed information on investment films when it merged with Wanda Films.

At that time, Wanda Cinema’s total investment cost of “Movie 7” in the announcement was 438 million yuan. It was in the position of main investment and control, with an investment ratio of 34.5%. It is positioned as a comedy reasoning film and is expected to be released in 2020. For the matching of relevant information, the outside world believes that “Movie 7” is “Detective Chinatown 3”.

The Red Star Capital Bureau noted that in addition to being the producer of “Detective Chinatown 3”, Wanda Films is also among the movie distributors. In addition, Wanda Films also has theaters, and the theaters will also split accounts.

According to the professional version of Maoyan Data, as of 4 pm on February 20, “Detective Chinatown 3” had a total box office of 509 million yuan at the Wanda Cinema Line, accounting for about 13% of the total box office.

According to the calculation of the 52.27% of the theaters’ share of accounts, Wanda’s movie revenue from the theaters of “Detective Chinatown 3” alone will reach 266 million yuan.

Production, distribution, and theaters “take all”, Wanda Films will become the clear winner behind this year’s box office king “Detective Chinatown 3”.

However, in 2020, the epidemic caused theaters to shut down, and Wanda Film’s financial data further deteriorated.

Not long ago, Wanda Films disclosed its 2020 performance forecast, which can be called a huge thunder in the film and television industry. The company’s operating income is between 5.9 billion yuan and 6.7 billion yuan, and the net profit loss attributable to the parent is expected to exceed 6.15 billion yuan. Among them, the main business itself has a net loss of more than 2.15 billion yuan.

In addition, two trading days after the beginning of the year, the share price of Wanda Films also fell successively. It fell to 21.2 yuan per share from 22.6 yuan per share a year ago, and the market value lost 3.1 billion yuan.

The movie market structure of the “eight-two” division of head movies and other movies has made the relevant parties behind the hit movies full, but the waist movies are in frustration.

  Good at


  “Guaranteed issuer” made a fortune in silence

The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that in the Spring Festival stalls of the past few years, Beijing Culture, in addition to the “dark horse” “Hello, Li Huanying”, also bet on the box office champion “Wandering Earth” for the Spring Festival stalls in 2019. In addition, “Wolf Warriors 2”, “My Motherland and Me”, “The Nameless”, and “I’m Not the God of Medicine”, which are not released during the Spring Festival, all have Beijing culture behind them.

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What Beijing culture brings is not only “explosive models”, but also a model of “guaranteed distribution”.

In 2014, Beijing Culture teamed up with Chinese films to participate in the guaranteed release of “Flower of Heart” with a scale of 500 million yuan. This is also the first domestic film released under guaranteed guarantee; 》The minimum box office specifications of 800 million yuan.

What is “guaranteed issuance”? Simply put, before the movie is released, the distributor makes a box office commitment to the movie producer. If it cannot be reached, the producer will be paid according to the contract; if it exceeds the agreed box office, the issuer will have more say in the box office account.

Since “Blooming in the Heart” in 2014, “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons”, which is also the Spring Festival file, and “Mermaid” in 2016, have appeared guaranteed distributors. In 2019, “Crazy Aliens” was released by Wang Baoqiang with a guarantee of 2.8 billion yuan. Although the film won the second place in the 2019 Spring Festival file, the final box office was still only 2.2 billion yuan.

Although it was still “pending” the explosion, this time, Beijing Culture failed to take advantage of the “guaranteed release” benefits.

This year, there have long been rumors that Confucianism films and Maoyan films participated in the guaranteed release of “Hello, Li Huanying”. The announcement of Beijing Culture on February 18 also confirmed the rumors of “guaranteed issuance.”

On February 19, Chinese Films also stated on the interactive platform that the company participated in the production and distribution of the film “Li Huanying”, but did not participate in the guaranteed release.

According to the announcement, “The film has been commissioned by a third-party company for guaranteed release, and the guaranteed box office revenue is 1.5 billion yuan.” According to the guarantee released by Huanxi Media (01003.HK), the main producer of “Crazy Aliens” in July 2018 According to the plan, after the box office exceeds the guaranteed box office revenue of 2.8 billion yuan and the minimum issuance income of 700 million yuan, the net income share ratio between the investor and the guaranteed party is 3:7.

According to the estimated box office revenue of “Hello, Li Huanying” of 5 billion: the box office exceeding 1.5 billion is 3.5 billion, of which 1.37 billion is accounted for by the film party (calculated based on the ratio of the professional version of Maoyan Data), and then 375 million is removed proportionally The minimum issuance income of 1 billion yuan, 70% of the income will be guaranteed by the issuer.

In other words, it is not Beijing culture and Jia Ling that make a lot of money in “Hello, Li Huanying”, but it is most likely a guaranteed issuer who makes a fortune.



  There are also frustrated people behind “the strongest Spring Festival stall”

With the end of the Spring Festival holiday on February 17, the film “The Strongest Spring Festival” in the strict sense has also ended.

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According to data released by the National Film Bureau at noon on the 18th, from February 11, 2021, New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first lunar month on the 17th, the national movie box office reached 7.822 billion yuan. Following the 5.905 billion yuan in 2019, it once again broke the national film box office record for the Spring Festival, an increase of 32.47%.

In addition, this year’s Spring Festival stalls also set a number of world records such as the global single-market single-day box office and the global single-market weekend box office.

In these 7 days, “Detective Chinatown 3” became the “box office king” of the Spring Festival on the 7th this year with a box office of 3.562 billion yuan; “Hello, Li Huanying” ranked second with a box office of 2.722 billion yuan; “Assassination of Novelists” The box office was 538 million yuan.

According to the Red Star Capital Bureau, excluding the 2020 Spring Festival stalls due to the epidemic, the box office of the Spring Festival stalls has risen from 3.075 billion yuan in 2016 to 7.822 billion yuan this year.

According to the statistics of the Red Star Capital Bureau, among the top 10 movies in the box office of the Chinese film market, 6 movies are from the 2016-2021 “Spring Festival File”. The “Spring Festival File” has also become a production company and a distribution company. , A must-try cake for theaters.

What are the current characteristics of the film market during the Spring Festival?

The Red Star Capital Bureau noted that from 2016 to the present, the top three at the Spring Festival box office have often accounted for about 80% of the total box office during the Spring Festival. This year’s “Hello, Li Huanying”, “Chinatown Detective 3” and “Assassination of Novelists” accounted for 87% of the total box office of the Spring Festival stalls.

The movie market structure of the “eight-two” division of head movies and other movies has made the relevant parties behind the hit movies full, but the waist movies are in frustration. Rao Xiaozhi, director of “The Unknown”, also has a movie “Crowd Crowd” on the Spring Festival this year. As of the deadline of the Red Star Capital Bureau, the cumulative box office of “The Crowd” is second only to “Assassination of Novelists” in the box office, but it accounts for less than 3% of the total box office of the Spring Festival.

Rao Xiaozhi also posted on Weibo on February 13th, “Speak up for filming”. The Red Star Capital Bureau noted that at that time, “The Crowd” was released for three days, and the Douban movie score was second only to “Hello, Li Huanying” in the Spring Festival file with 7 movies, and the cumulative box office was only 78.4 million.

Behind the “Surge of Crowds”, affected by the movie’s box office failure, the producer Guangguang Media (300251.SZ) quickly fell after the opening on February 18. As of the close, the stock price was 13.12 yuan, a decrease of 0.61%. On February 19, it fell 1.6% to 12.91 yuan.

Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Yu Yao


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