Lionel Messi’s contract with Spanish club Barcelona has been announced. The contract information was released by the Spanish media. The club itself came out against this. Barcelona have claimed that the release of contract information was incorrect. The club also called for action against the Spanish media. Barcelona coach Ronald Coman has said that whoever published the news did not mean it.

Meanwhile, fans are shocked to hear of Messi’s reward. Messi has signed a contract with Barcelona in 2017. Messi will be paid 55 555 million for four years. That means a contract worth 13 139 million each season. The player has already won 510 million euros out of the 555 million euro salary for four years. Although Messi receives a large reward from Barcelona, ​​he has to pay half of this amount in taxes in Spain. Messi’s contract details were published by the Spanish media ‘El Mundo’. El Mundo reports that this is the highest contract amount an athlete has ever received.

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Analyzing his four-year deal, Messi is set to spend 8 3,81,000 a day on Barcelona. 15,875 per hour. In other words, Messi’s salary for an hour is around Rs 14 lakh. Barcelona pay Messi around a quarter of a million rupees for just one minute. This is based on the 2017 contract. Messi earns Rs 354 per second.


Messi and Barcelona have been at loggerheads in the past. Messi wanted to leave the club. However, Messi reluctantly decided to stay at Barcelona for another year. New reports suggest that Messi will leave the club this season. Messi is not on good terms with team management. He also had a disagreement with coach Ronald Koeman. At the same time, Barcelona is in a severe financial crisis. This financial crisis is a setback to retain a superstar like Messi.

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