How much could businesses that do not ask for vaccination certificates in New York pay in fines | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

next occasion and in thisSeía moment during the day.Yisel: New York Must Docomply with the rule that obligescustomer hunters topresent proof ofat least partial vaccinationto enter certain businesses.according to the mayor of blasio,inspectors from 13 agenciesthey will help meet the standard.the mayor announced a fine ofcomply with the rule.70% of New Yorkersmanuals older than 11 yearsare fully vaccinated.gary: good night, this is thedocument required to havethat access.they can not have with a photoon your cell phone or charge it on theapplication, the exélsior pass.the access key to certainlife from new york isessential from this Monday.we found it in agimnasio de washington heightswhere the grace period doesthat does not take sorrow to theusers.>> well the normal, not full,But there are people.Gary: We talked to himpresident of the associationpraying, who begins to measurethe impact between affiliate ofthat industry.>> the truth is that it isaffecting.everyone says the same, I knowThey are being affected. Manythey are not vaccinated.gary: restaurants, bars,gyms, museums, cinemas andother places of employment mustadmit those who havereceived at least one dose of thecovid required with regret thebusiness door.the first brake with whichthey can find the dinersin the request that card,cal is the process.>> we welcome you,we say hello and ask for the cardidentification andvaccination to verify thatthe data is correct.gary: if I don’t haveopportunity to provide thatprove what happens?>> we will knock on the dooroutside, if you’re going to come in,you need the mask onto request the bathroom.>> we have a vaccine, that’s why wethey sat outside.Gary: How is the mechanism ofwhat are you saying and whatunvaccinated people>> it’s not right, but what do I knowcan do?gary: different inspectorsagencies such as fire, health,sanitation and transport ortegathey were deployed watchingfor the fulfillment of thatrule.puts pressure on peoplethey can not do anythingbasically.Gary: the fines go upbusinesses that violate the


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