How much are the 10 lire of 1946 worth? Incredible, here is the answer and where to look for them

During the Italian Republic two different ones were produced 10 lire coins. Not everyone will remember the first, most likely it will be only in the memories of older people and collectors, much easier to remember is the second, perhaps unknown only by younger people who have not had the opportunity to use it.


Coin Value 10 lire Olive

1946 is the year of the first 10 Lire coin of the Italian Republic
It is the first ten lire coin of the Italian Republic. It is also called as 10 lire Olivo because on one of the two sides there is a small olive branch. On the other facade we find Pegasus, the winged horse. The coin is made of an alloy called Italma, it measures 29 millimeters and weighs 3 grams. It was minted from 1946 to 1950. The following year the 10 lire Spighe was introduced. The first piece, the test piece, has the inscription PROVA engraved on the lower right side of the facade showing the olive tree. The proof coin was minted in 1946 and this piece is not collectible.

In the same year, however, the 10 lire of 1946 normal was put into circulation, therefore without the word PROVA. This piece can be worth more than € 500 in Brilliant Uncirculated. A piece in splendid condition still has an excellent value, over € 350 while a BB, that is a piece in good condition, can be worth as much as € 200.

The 1947 10 lire coin is the rarest piece to find. It was marked as R3 and can really be worth a fortune. It is possible to sell the coin in good condition around € 1,700, in the state of Splendido just under € 3,000 while in Fior di Conio it can be worth even more than € 4,500.

The 10 lire of 1948 is easier to find and maybe it is possible to have it at home, even if it is still classified as an uncommon currency. In splendid conditions it is worth € 50, in Fior di Conio € 150.

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