“How Marino Bartoletti found solace in the ‘angels’ at Sant’Orsola hospital in Bologna”

Marino Bartoletti with the Sant’Orsola team thanking him in a post on Facebook

Forlì, 17 March 2023 – Marino Bartoletti and his fight against illness. The journalist from Forlì continues to fight and never fails to thank those he calls his ‘angels’: the doctors and nurses of theSant’Orsola hospital in Bologna who follow him in his battle against cancer.

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In this post from two days ago, in his Facebook profile, Bartoletti expresses all his gratitude to the team, also publishing a photo. The post was then re-shared by the same hospital.

“In this photo there are some, but only a few, of the many angels who sent me back on track – he writes -. When the Team Principal of life – the real one, the one with whom it is better not to discuss over the radio – displays the ‘pit stop’ sign you just have to obey and also quickly: because you know perfectly well that He is right. The only luck you can have is that of finding extraordinary ‘mechanics’ in the pits who will get you back on track and allow you to tackle the (many) laps you still want to do with your usual grit”.

And then concludes with “a hug (for all) to Gilberto Poggioli and Paolo Bernante: the ‘wall’ and their respective dream team created a masterpiece. You should never add days to life, but life to days!. ‘I have many things still to tell for those who want to listen’… (cit. FG)”.

The announcement of the disease two years ago

It was he himself, in May two years ago, who made known the disease he was fighting against, during his participation in ‘Today is another day’, Rai Uno program conducted by Serena Bortone. Bartoletti had been invited to talk about his latest book ‘The Supper of the Gods’ who had surprisingly entered the sixth finalist of the prestigious Bancarella award, later winning the Bancarella Sport. However, once in the studio, he indulged in personal anecdotes and a very touching private story about his fight against cancer.

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