how many people at the table for the holidays? only closer affections-

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, returned to TV on Tuesday evening, in the DiMarted program on La7, to explain the reasons that will guide the new decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, arriving by December 3 and destined to come into force on December 4.

The data show that the epidemic is still very present in our country, explained Speranza. The heavy death toll, but another truth must also be said: two weeks ago it was 1.7, then 1.4 now just under 1.2 and it’s still going down. The measures are working. And if we want to hope to transform all of Italy into yellow zone, we must continue to comply with anti-Covid measures.

If the new Dpcm will be based on the trend of epidemiological data – which at this moment indicate a flattening of the contagion curve – Speranza invites us not to exchange the first signs that go in the right direction for a narrow escape. The situation is still very serious and the pressure on our health services is still very strong and therefore we still need great rigor.

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How many people at Christmas?

In this context, decisions will be made regarding the next month, that of December, and the upcoming holidays.

How many people will be able to attend Christmas dinners and lunches? We must limit it to the closest affections, said Speranza. Tomorrow (Wednesday) there is a meeting on the numbers, we will evaluate them. In Germany they chose number 10 (here the choices of other countries in Europe). The message is this: a time to be with loved ones, but reduce all the occasions in which the infection can spread. The seats at the table should be limited to the most expensive affections.

When will the schools reopen?

On schools, now at the center of a tug-of-war between majority parties (IV and M5S would like to reopen them on December 9)Speranza said we will do everything possible to reopen in December: we must see the epidemiological picture, evaluating it day by day. Schools are and remain a top priority for the government. Evaluations in this sense – concluded Speranza – are expected in the coming days.

Will I be able to ski in December?

Speranza also called for any unnecessary movement between regions to be limited – and, if possible, avoided he also spoke about the closure of the ski slopes, scheduled for the entire holiday period (as well as in France): I understand that behind the ski slopes there are people who work and who deserve the utmost respect. The point is to avoid the many aggregations that can develop and the many transfers of people who go on vacation to ski resorts. We must be very careful and remember what happened last summer, when so many let their guard down.

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