How long can you spend in the sun to get the most vitamin D?

Sunlight is the largest source of vitamin D, as the body needs it in a specific amount to perform various functions, but although sunlight is available to us in abundance, the vast majority of people around the world suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Moreover, we cannot Get enough of these nutrients from food, and in this report we learn how long it takes to stay in the sun to get the most vitamin D.

The researchers at the Solar Radiation Research Group at the University of Valencia in Spain conducted a detailed study, and the results of the study were published in a journal Science of the Total Environment.

According to research, 10 to 20 minutes in the sun was sufficient in the spring and summer, but in winter a person needs to spend at least two hours in the sun to get the recommended amount of vitamin D, because in winter only 10% of our bodies are exposed to the sun. So it takes longer to get enough vitamin D, while in summer 25% of our bodies are exposed to sunlight and we need less time to absorb nutrients.

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The importance of vitamin D.

When our skin is exposed to sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol. These nutrients are essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the body.

It helps keep your teeth and bones strong.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to many health problems, such as bone loss, muscle weakness, rickets, and osteoporosis.

It is reported that few food products contain vitamin D in small amounts. Okra, dairy products, and mushrooms are common sources of vitamin D.


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