How is Megan doing? Harry was dating a woman 10 years older…

Catherine Omani, who rose to fame after ‘The Real Housewives of Washington’ reality show, has revealed that she dated Prince Harry in 2006.

The reality star opened up about her time with the British prince after learning Harry was writing about his ex-girlfriends in his new book, Spare.

Catherine says she had the “moment of her life” in 2006 with Prince Harry, who gave her “the most passionate kiss” she’s ever received. The two met in a London bar when Harry was just 21 and Omani was more than ten years his senior.

Omani told The Sun that the two acted like teenagers throughout their relationship. They dated and even posed for photos together in a bathtub. Catherine even nicknamed Harry “baby” because he used to suck on lollipops.

At the time, the reality star had already split from ex-husband Stephen, and Harry was believed to have just ended a long-term relationship with Chelsy Davy. Catherine says she’s not sure if Harry and Chelsy were separated while the two were spending time together.

“I doubt I’ll be in Harry’s book because the prince can’t run away with a 34-year-old mother of two, it’s just not right,” she says.

Their relationship didn’t last long and soon after their relationship ended, Harry changed his number. Omani says he saw it years later, in 2009, at a polo match in Barbados. The reality star was already married to her second husband, but Harry went over to congratulate her when he saw her.

“I had a great time when I was with Harry. I think we both liked each other but he was too young for me. If he was ten years older and he wasn’t a king he would be the perfect man for me,” shares the reality star.

Catherine Omani is a British reality star and interior designer. She was born in London but moved to the United States in 2008 to marry her second husband, Charles Omani. In 2010 she became famous for her participation in the American reality show on Bravo.

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