How good is Sono’s smallest and most affordable speaker?

Finally a portable speaker from Sonos that you can take with you on the go.

Sonos Roam is a compact and waterproof smart speaker made to be used both at home and on the go. Photo: Geir Amundsen

Sonos is known for good and user-friendly multi-room sound. Nineteen years after starting in 2002, they are entering the market for portable Bluetooth speakers that easily fit in your backpack or jacket pocket.

With its match weight of 430 grams, the new Sonos Roam at NOK 1,798 is a logical complement to Sonos’ portable Move speaker. Sonos Move is great on the porch and in the garden, but with a weight of 3 kilos, it is not an obvious travel companion. It is also more than twice as expensive as Roam.

Of course, Sonos Roam also has support for wi-fi and interaction with the rest of your Sonos setup. With certain limitations and a few clever tricks up his sleeve. More on that later.

My first and biggest question when the 1798 kroner expensive Roam is unpacked out of the box: How good is the sound quality?

Read the whole case with subscription

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