How far in the Republican Party rift, headwind concerns… Trump Impeachment Watch Point

picture explanationImpeachment Prosecution against President Trump[AP=연합뉴스]

As the US House of Representatives passed a bill to impeach President Donald Trump on the 13th (local time), President Trump’s fate is now decided by the Senate.

The Washington Post (WP) predicted the remaining week as four points of spectating, with interest in whether President Trump will film an unprecedented dramatic drama called impeachment just before the end of his term (20th).

◇ How far in the Republican rift

On that day, the House’s impeachment bill was passed with 232 people in favor and 197 people against it. All 222 Democrats voted in favor, and 10 voted in the Republican Party.

Rep. Liz Cheney, 3rd place in the Republican House of Representatives in the House of Representatives, declared that President Trump had betrayed not only the Republican Party, but also the Congress, the Constitution, and all the pledges as President, and that he had no choice but to agree with the impeachment proposal.

The US media have given meaning as the first in the history of the US Congress to have such a large number of’rebellion votes’ from the ruling party in a presidential impeachment vote.

The question is how many additional Republican revolt votes will come out of the Senate, which will finally decide to impeach the president. In the House of Representatives, if there is a majority vote, the impeachment bill is passed, but in the Senate, two-thirds of the vote is required. The number is possible only when at least 17 of the Republican Senate’s 50 seats have left.

The WP pointed out that the 10 votes in the House of Representatives are significant, but not a huge number. On the 6th, when the U.S. Congress certified the results of the presidential elections of each state’s electoral group, that is, President Trump’s defeat in the presidential election, as many as 140 Republican lawmakers stood on the side of Trump and opposed the certification.

◇ Congressmen who are noticing… It’s up to the first man McConnell

Although some Republican lawmakers rebelled in favor of the presidential impeachment proposal, most of the lawmakers still refrain from expressing public stances on whether or not the impeachment proposal, and at the same time, look at public opinion while avoiding the appearance of direct advocacy for the president.

Most of all, attention is being paid to the intention of the presidential representative of McConnell, who will have a profound effect on the Senate Republican Party’s opinion for the impeachment vote. If he reveals his stance in favor of the president’s impeachment, the WP predicts that it will be possible to draw the remaining 16 votes necessary for finalizing the impeachment bill.

It is no exaggeration to say that the key to determine President Trump’s fate is in his hand.

In this regard, CEO McConal made a meaningful remark that “I have not made a final decision on how to vote.”

By showing a reserved attitude that they have not yet decided whether to approve or oppose the impeachment of the president, it was interpreted as indicating that the vote could be left to the free will of each member of the lawmakers rather than the party argument.

◇ One week before Trump’s term ends… Is it possible in time?

The House of Representatives passed a bill of impeachment on the 13th, just a week before the end of President Trump’s term of office (20th). The question is whether a Senate vote can be reached 20 days before.

The Democratic Party announced that the Senate would immediately initiate an impeachment hearing and conclude before the 20th, but the president of McConnell said that it would convene the Senate only on the 19th. He also said that it took 83, 37 and 21 days for the Senate’s impeachment hearings in the past three times, and that it was physically impossible to complete the hearing before the 20th.

In this case, the Senate’s impeachment hearing will take place only after President Trump’s retirement, and in this case, legal controversy over whether impeachment is possible even after President Trump’s resignation is possible.

◇ Concerns about headwinds in promoting impeachment

In the debate ahead of the House vote that day, Republican lawmakers who opposed impeachment spent a lot of time warning of headwinds that the Democrats as well as the soon-to-be-launched Joe Biden administration could face when impeachment was pursued.

The impeachment that President Trump pursues with only a week left in office could eventually sink many other policy issues, such as coping with Corona 19, which should be a top priority in the early days of the Biden administration, in the whirlwind of the impeachment regime.

President-elect Biden, who promoted’integration and healing’ as the keyword of the new government along with the presidential election, also publicly expressed these concerns.

Shortly after the impeachment bill was passed in the House of Representatives, Biden-elect made a statement: “The country is struggling with a deadly virus and a staggering economy. Senate leadership seeks to find a way to hold constitutional responsibility for the impeachment while dealing with other urgent issues. I hope.”

However, the WP said it made it clear that most of the Democrats don’t care.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stressed that President Trump deserves immediate impeachment, saying in a discussion that day, saying that it is “an obvious and existing danger.”


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